Week 14 has come and gone, and surprise surprise, the Titans defeated the Jaguars again. I mean, at this point should we just rename the Jaguars? The Titans absolutely own space in the Jaguars head. Even last season when they were “elite” we beat them twice. We just don’t lose to the Jaguars. If Derrick Henry played like he did Thursday night, we wouldn’t lose to anyone. Henry was a constant force and literally the definition of an unstoppable force against Jacksonville.

Offensive Titan of the Week

Derrick Henry put up 238 yards by himself on Thursday night. Can we take a moment and just appreciate that number? Along with his 238 yards, he added FOUR touchdowns. Yes, you read that correctly. When Henry got the rock, he made it count. On 17 total carries, Henry gained 238 yards. His most impressive run of the night? If you’d like to relive this fantastic moment, by all means, click here. This was only the second 99 yard run in NFL history. Henry brutalizes Jaguar defenders with his stiff arms all the way up the sideline. They’re not going to hear the end of that for years to come.

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Adding to Henry’s impressive performance, he almost single-handedly outgained the Jaguars offense. Henry Racked up 238 yards while the Jaguars offense totaled just 255. Henry had 178 more rushing yards than the Jaguars did as a team. Obviously, the Titans offensive line helped out, but Henry did the rest. Refusing to go down time and time again, Henry absolutely gashed that “elite” Jaguars defense. A note I’d like to briefly mention regarding Henry’s 99-yard run. What was Joe Buck doing during it? That has to be the worst call on a long touchdown run, ever! It’s like he wasn’t even excited with what was happening before his very eyes. Do better, Joe!

Going Forward

For the Titans to keep this train rolling, Derrick Henry has to be in the Cab. With Conklin and Jonnu Smith both landing on IR, this offense takes a hit. Henry can soften this blow by playing with the intensity that he had on Thursday night against Jacksonville. The run game is the key to success for Tennessee. It opens everything up for Mariota and ultimately allows for smoother play. Tennessee can run the table, and Henry is going to be a key cog in that, look for him to keep the momentum going against the New York Giants. #TitanUp

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