Before the season started, I predicted the Colts would have one of the best offensive lines in the league, I said that not only would the Colts trade back from the 3rd overall pick to the 6th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft, but also the Quenton Nelson pick at number 6, and I will attempt to continue to extend my list of correct predictions through this new series!

Record prediction

The Colts head home and host the currently 8-5 and leading the NFC East. This game has a lot at stake as this win over the Cowboys could put the Colts in the playoff picture if the Ravens lose to the Buccaneers. Only half a game behind from the current AFC 6th wildcard spot holding Ravens, beating the Cowboys could move the Colts into that 6th spot. After having arguably the Colts’ best game of the season against a more than capable opponent, I think the Colts can beat the Cowboys with a non-elite quarterback like Dak Prescot with a final score of 27-17.

The Giants then come to Indy with really nothing to prove or gain except a higher draft pick selection. After a loss handed to the Cowboys by the Colts, the Colts will have a huge game where they put another game in the Win column as they defeat the Giants with a score of 38-21. To end the 2018 season the Colts head to Tennessee to make a final push for the 6th wild-card spot. The Ravens will more than likely hold that spot with the same 9-6 record as the Colts, Ravens host the Browns who have been hot as of recent. With a complete non-biased opinion, I see the Myles Garrett led Browns defense being too much for the Ravens run scheme.

The Colts however when led by Andrew Luck are 10-0 against the Titans and will improve to 11-0 vs the Titans and 10-6 on the season winning them the final AFC wildcard spot. Summary of prediction: Colts end their season 10-7 and in the 6th playoff spot over the Ravens who go 9-7 while the Texans win the AFC south with an 11-5 record putting the Colts in the second AFC south spot.

Yearly Awards

The NFL has highly praised awards like ‘MVP’, offensive and defensive players of the year, and coach of the year along with many more awards so here’s my predictions for the winners of those awards.’MVP’ is a tight race with the top three candidates being Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees, and Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald. All three are having amazing years but based off of current stats and remaining schedule I see Patrick Mahomes easily taking home the ‘MVP’ trophy.

There are multiple ‘Coach of the Year candidates who deserve to get recognized like Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll and Colts coach Frank Reich who both proved their respective teams majorly. As much as I see Pete Carroll as the better coach right now, Frank Reich as a rookie coach being able to take his extremely young team to the playoffs is a huge feat and he will win said award.

The offensive player and defensive player on the year awards show case the leagues most electric players. Rams’ running back Todd Gurley will win this for a second straight season along with Rams’ defensive tackle Aaron Donald who both had absolutely amazing seasons respectively and were even in the MVP conversation.

In this past 2018 draft there were many elite picks with legendary futures ahead of them, for offensive rookie of the year Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield broke multiple losing streaks for the Browns and are currently leading them to a playoff push that may happen with some help from other teams. On the defensive side of things in the rookie category, players like Broncos’ edge rusher Bradley Chubb, Chargers safety Derwin James, and Colts’ linebacker Darius Leonard round out the impactful DRoY candidates.

Bradley Chubb has been impactful with 12 sacks currently, however, he doesn’t have quite the presence as James and Leonard have for their teams. James has had a couple quiet weeks where he had a couple tackles and good coverage overall, Leonard, on the other hand, had only one game where his name was not called as much which was week 5 vs the Patriots. Which ironically was the week he was out because of injury.  Leonard is the clear-cut DRoY and there is no question about that in my mind.

The final award I’ll be covering is the comeback player of the year. I saved it for last because there is no argument. Andrew Luck has gone from people asking if he would even play again to MVP talks. In my opinion, the NFL should give the award to Luck right now because no matter what happens in these last three games of the season he will be the CPoY.

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