Hey guys! We are almost halfway done with the 12 Days of BucMas. In case this is your first one, the 12 Best days of Bucmas recaps the twelve most important days or events in franchise history according to me.  I’m Dustin Fletcher and I’ll be your tour guide through some of the best moments in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history!

Although today marked the 11th straight season without a playoff appearance, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do have a super bowl win. The achievement is something not every team in the NFL can say they have. Today’s notable event is a bit of a controversial one, and it comes in at Number 9. 

9. Trading for Jon Gruden

On the Fourth Day of BucMas, our true love gave us head coach Jon Gruden. Coach Gruden is best known for winning the Super Bowl his first year in Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers under his direction were known for their fiery defense in the form of the Tampa 2, a defensive scheme still run today. Not only did Jon Gruden have the Bucs defense humming, but the offense played well too. Gruden put together elements from Tony Dungy’s team and made it into a super bowl winning team. 

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Gruden was able to make his way through the playoffs in 2002, most notably with Ronde shutting down the Vet. After 2002, times were a bit tougher. Gruden wanted to handle GM like duties for roster construction and chased Rich McKay out of town. 

The debate will always be was it his team? Dungy built the team and trading for Jon Gruden was the last thing the Bucs needed to get them over the Hump. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lone super bowl win was in 2002 under none other than Chucky himself. A Super Bowl victory lands Gruden on the top 12! 

Check back in tomorrow for more from the 12 days of Bucmas. 

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