How negotiations with the President and House Republicans could be affecting key roster decisions

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When a quarterback has gone down with an injury over the past few seasons, one name comes up immediately as a replacement.  Colin Kaepernick.  The same thing occurred when Alex Smith went down against the Houston Texans. And then again with Colt McCoy a week later.  Instead, Redskins fans have had to deal with watching an unathletic Mark Sanchez bumble through a half of football as a starter.  Then, a brief flash of excitement from Josh Johnson during garbage time against the Giants, and most recently, against the Jaguars.

There are a couple of potential reasons that easily come to mind as to why Kaepernick would not be in the burgundy and gold:

  1. There are strong ties to the military in this area and a lot of defense contract corporate partners.  Whether fans agree with it or not, the Redskins need high dollar sponsorship’s. Some of them would walk away with the signing of Kaepernick.  This would also alienate a good portion of the fan base whether people like it or not.
  2. There had been questions on whether Colin wanted to return to the NFL.   A Bleacher Report article on December 9th ended this speculation by indicating that Kaepernick would be willing to sign with Washington.  So, we can take that off the table.

Another angle may have come to light as to why Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder refused to entertain the idea of Kaepernick while others on the coaching staff felt he could help them win. The Redskins new stadium.

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Playing Politics

It was broken by the Washington Post, on December 7th, that Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen have been working with the White House and House Republicans to “slip a provision into the massive spending bill” that “could pave the way for the NFL stadium and other commercial development on the 190-acre [RFK] site.”  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the Post reporters found that, “Getting the land deal done before this Congress adjourns is critical to Snyder, who has taken pains to cultivate Republicans in power and donated to $1 million to President Trump’s inauguration fund.”  For those that need a civics refresher, all spending bills must originate out of the House of Representatives.

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The Republicans are about to lose control of the appropriations process due to the election results of 2018.  This could stall any provisions being put into a spending bill with a political party whose base finds the team name racist.

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But Wait, There’s More

In addition to this, it was uncovered by The Hill on December 13th that prosecutors in New York City are investigating money donated to the Trump Inaugural Committee as potential quid pro quos.  With Mr. Snyder being a high dollar donor, this could at minimum put him in the cross-hairs of federal investigators.  If it turns out that Mr. Snyder did indeed give money for political favor to gain the land for a new stadium, he could be looking at serious prison time or may be forced to sell his majority ownership of the Redskins.

Even with all the moving and shaking being done by Mr. Snyder and Mr. Allen, what is the one move that would draw the ire of President Trump and House Republicans?  Signing Colin Kaepernick.  We all know by now that the President uses Kaepernick’s kneeling during the anthem as fodder for his rallies.  Imagine what the President would do to Snyder’s wishes to have his new stadium back in the district.  Colin could be potentially helping the Redskins win games and clinch a playoff berth.  However, President Trump would be instructing the House Appropriations Committee to pull the land provision language.  This prevents Mr. Snyder from building a legacy defining stadium back in Washington, D.C. that fans can easily access.

Anything to Say?

What can we start drawing the dots to with the Redskins front office?

Full Press Coverage Redskins has reached out to the Redskins for comment on whether this is a part of the reason why Kaepernick was not signed, and if Mr. Snyder was expecting political help with his donation to the President’s Inaugural Committee.  We have received no response.

Like it or not, Mr. Snyder and Mr. Allen have likely been playing politics with a potential Redskins playoff berth in order to give its fans a better stadium experience in the District.

Contributor’s Note: If the Redskins choose to comment, we will update this piece with their response.  

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