The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been officially eliminated from the playoffs. This is the 11th consecutive time that the Bucs haven’t made the post season. It hurts. I could list off the million things wrong with the organization over the past decade, but instead of putting us all through that pain, let’s talk about yesterdays game. 

The Offense: The Good

Stat: 1,328

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers put together the worst offensive display we have seen this year. Lost in that abysmal performance, was the the career high in yardage total for Mike Evans. With 1,328 yards on the season, Mike Smith adds his best year, in terms of receiving yards, to an already impressive resume. Evans also had the longest reception of his career this year with his 72 yard reception against the Bengals. But that’s not all folks, Mike Evans is currently averaging the highest yards per catch of his career at 17.9. The offense didn’t show up yesterday in Baltimore, but Mike Evans has been a bright spot in what has been yet another tough year for Bucs fans. 

The Bad

Stat: 241

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There were several stats that would have captured just how bad the Bucs offense was yesterday, but 241 total yards might just be the worst. To put it in perspective, the worst team in the NFL in terms of offensive yards is the Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals are averaging 242 yards per game. Yep, that’s a pretty bad display from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The Defense: The Bad

Stat: 2

The Bucs defense didn’t perform how we have seen them perform in the past few weeks. Although the Ravens only put up 20 points, they controlled the time of possession and did what they wanted on offense. Under Mark Duffner, the defense has definitely looked rejuvenated, but on Sunday, they struggled. They had Lamar Jackson for a sack several times, but he eluded the pressure and made a play. Jackson isn’t an easy target to bring down, but the defense had a few chance to make plays and they didn’t. They only managed two sacks on the day. 

The Bad: 242

The Ravens had 242 yards on the ground. This allowed them to control time of possession which was 37 minutes and 10 seconds In favor of the Ravens. Not only did Lamar Jackson elude the defense managing 5.4 yards per carry, but Gus Edwards managed 5.5 yards per carry. The Bucs defense didn’t do enough, but neither did the offense. I guess no one decided to show up to the biggest game of the Bucs season. 

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