The Buffalo Bills will have a busy offseason and it will start after these two weeks. Bringing in potential free agents, setting themselves up for the draft and releasing players is never easy for an organization. The Bills will have their hands full with a lot of cap space, close to $90 million, multiple draft picks and underperforming current players on the roster who will be handed the pink slip. 

Tight end Charles Clay was signed by the team in 2015 under Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley. A little bit of a throwback to a nightmare that Bills fans had to endure. Clay was signed by the Bills after the Miami Dolphins opted to not match the contract the Bills offered. At the time, the Bill scored big with this signing due to Clay’s physicality and ability to gain an extra yard or two on each catch he made. 

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Clay will be wrapping up his fourth year with the Bills this season and he could be looking at the exit door into free agency. He has not played a full season since joining the Bills. Injuries have played a major role into his performance. He only has nine touchdown and four years (currently zero in this season) and he has 1,822 yards currently with the Bills.

Underperforming and not playing as a major role in an offense who has not had a true #1 receiver is concerning for Clay. He has not been able to live up to the expectations that have been put on him and he may not be able to finish out his contract that expires at the end of next season.

I believe that with the inconsistency that the organization has dealt with from Clay, he will be on the roster for two more weeks and then it will be time to let Clay go.  

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