Every game for the Titans going forward is a must-win. They made it very clear that they understand what’s required of them. Tennessee went to the Meadowlands with a purpose and left with a win. To say it was an impressive performance would be a massive understatement. The Giants had been hot of late and had their eyes set on their dismal playoff hopes. With playoff aspirations of their own, Tennessee rose to the occasion.

Key Takeaways

Tennessee shut out the New York Giants at the Meadowlands. There were a lot of talking points going into this matchups, a potential shutout was not one of them. Tennessee seemed to be doing everything right on Sunday. Coming off of a big divisional win against the Jaguars, Tennessee stuck with the same recipe on Sunday. Derrick Henry carried the ball 13 times more than Mariota passed it. Do we want it to be that way every week? No. However, this week we stuck with what was working, and I’m okay with that. Henry was very effective again toting the rock. Rushing the ball 33 times for 170 yards and two touchdowns. Henry was the Titans sole offense on Sunday, and the Giants just had no answers. Keeping the Henry train rolling might be the key to putting Tennessee into the playoffs.

The Defense

The Titans defense really showed up on Sunday. Saquon Barkley has been washing every defense he goes up against this year. How the Titans prepared for a talent of this nature is anyone’s guess, but boy did they do a good job. Saquon carried the ball 14 times for just 31 yards. 17 of those yards came on a single carry. He also caught four passes for 25 yards giving him 56 total yards on the day. This is particularly surprising seeing as Barkley came into the game as NFL’s number 3 rusher on the year with 1,124 yards on the ground. Not to mention that he had four straight games with 100 yards or more on the ground. Sure the conditions probably played a role in the game, as it rained continuously, but this is a feat none the less. Through the air, the Giants only amassed 229 yards on 43 passing attempts. Evan Engram was really the lone threat on the day as he caught 8 passed for 75 yards on 12 targets. Other than that, Eli was a non-factor as he threw a pick to Kevin Byard and also fumbled later in the game as well.

Going Forward

This defense is playing out of their minds right now and will head back to Nashville having recorded their first shutout since 2000 against the Cowboys. The Titans now have to get ready to face the Washington Redskins who also have playoff hopes of their own. The Titans need to be careful to not overlook a Redskins team that is still hungry for success. If Sunday’s game was held any foreshadowing, it might be a rough day for this abysmal Washington offense. Shutting down AP alone might seal the deal for Tennessee. Beating Washington could set up a win and in scenario for Tennessee against the Indianapolis Colts week 17. Hold onto your Catfish, it’s going to be a photo finish. #TitanUp


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