Offensive Titan of the Week: Week 15


How are all the Derrick Henry haters doing right now? Weird, I have not heard any chatter of late. Must be because Derrick Henry is eating at an unprecedented rate in his last two games. Last week, Derrick Henry was out unquestioned offensive Titan of the week. This week? Not much has changed. Henry was a force again this week against the Giants. I try to spread the love when it comes to this award, but some performances leave you with no option.

Full Steam Ahead

Are we witnessing the Titans finally understanding how to use Derrick Henry? What changed that has resulted in this much success running the ball? There have been rumblings of a scheme change, but that’s for another day. Derrick Henry carried the ball 33 times for 170 yards and two touchdowns. This marks the second week in a row that Henry has rushed for multiple touchdowns and rushed for 170+ yards. In total, the Titans rushed for 215 yards on 45 carries which is good for a 4.8-yard average. It was evident from the getgo that the Titans thought they could control the game with the run. When Henry is motivated, he is tough to tackle. Henry has a unique combination of speed and power that seems to be a dying breed in the NFL. Most backs now seem to be faster and smaller, typically a pass catcher. Henry is making his case for the workhorses to remain relevant in the NFL.

Going Forward

Going forward you’d like to see this run game help improve the passing game. Mariota was virtually a non-factor in this game going 12/20 for 88 yards. Mariota’s highlight play of the game was his absolute shot to Olivier Vernon to seal the edge for Henry. This play left a bitter taste in my mouth. Obviously, I love that Mariota will do whatever it takes to win the game. However, we don’t need Mariota putting his body on the line like that. Feel free to leave your thoughts on that in the comments section.

If the Titans are going to win out, Henry needs to be a consistent force. Washington *should* be an easy game to win, regardless of their playoff aspirations. Tennessee is just an all-around better team than Washington, and that should be on full display. Here’s to hoping that Henry can keep up this production, and maybe Mariota can awaken the passing offense as well.  #TitanUp

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