2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Nasir Adderley

Position: Safety

School: The University of Delaware

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 201 pounds

Draft Projection: Day Three



From the safety spot, few closed like Adderley did during his career at Delaware. Initially, you notice the ease in explosion. To put it another way, Adderley takes one forceful step and that starts him bolting toward the ball. Meanwhile, he approaches the sidelines plays with the same skill set. Adderley runs well for a safety. Moreover, his speed allows him to slide into the slot and cover the quicker wideouts. Not to mention, Adderley provides an electric kick return when given the opportunity.


As mentioned, Adderley offers the ability to cover a myriad of targets. In the slot, Adderley can hover and break on option routes. Despite his size, Adderley matchup with tight ends, due to his tenacious nature. When a safety covers the seam, some tight ends will attempt to body them down the field. Adderley brings the aggression towards the bigger targets. Additionally,he will meet back or receivers on screen, knifing in to blow up the play.


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With Adderley, you see the ability change direction with fluidity. Whether he pursues backside or surfs through the wash, Adderley will use excellent footwork to make the plays ahead of him.

Ball Skills

When attacking the ball, Adderley embraces the play like a corner. As a result, he will attempt to make the pick, rather than the breakup.More importantly, Adderley’s vision and concentration help him make sound decisions.


Although Adderley will weigh in around 200 pounds, he brings all of that and brings pop to his tackles. When he is not flattening the ballcarrier, Adderley uses above-average technique. With attention to solid quad balance and calf drive, Adderley stops the plays cold. In addition, he will blow up a screen by launching himself into the fray.

Raiders Fit

In reality, people will dismiss Adderley as a Karl Joseph clone. Yet, the Raiders would be smart to give him a look. First, the athleticism allows Adderley to line up everywhere in the secondary. Equally attractive, Adderley‘s ball skills allow him to either take a chance or flatten the ball carrier.Although Paul Guenther may not agree, Adderley and Joseph gives the Raiders a rangy DB coupled with a hitter. However, the key is to ignore the size.Similarly, the Raiders need secondary talent. Adderley will also liven the dormant return game.

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