The unlikely injury plagued playoff push continues through Tennessee

The Washington Redskins could have gone quietly. They could have lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, effectively ending their season at 6-8. But instead, Washington won, and now, they’ll face added pressure in the final two weeks. Jobs could be on the line; jobs that might only be saved with the realization of an unlikely playoff berth.

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This week, the Redskins draw the Tennessee Titans, their last opponent in the AFC South series. Just like the Jaguars, the Titans are beatable. But it won’t be as easy. The Titans’ passing game, while weak, is not a complete liability, and the team’s biggest weapon, Derrick Henry, is on a tear over his last two games.

On defense, the Titans are consistently in the top ten in metrics against both the pass and the run. That said, Josh Johnson managed to move the ball when he needed to last week, against a more talented defensive unit. As he grows more comfortable with his offensive weapons and playbook, he’ll look to fulfill his role as the new key on offense. The unit now moves through Johnson, for better or worse.

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On Saturday, the Redskins won’t have a choice but to trust Johnson against the Titans’ defense, and their strong linemen up front will have to contain Derrick Henry, to allow the Redskins to win their way. Tennessee vs. Washington is a matchup between two very beatable teams. Whoever plays cleaner, more well-rounded football wins. The loser, meanwhile, can say goodbye to their 2018 playoff aspirations.

The stakes are high. The anticipation is mounting. How do you think this game will end up? Be sure to give your thoughts in the comments section below!

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