Sam Darnold chimed in as to facing Allen, “It’s special to be able to play against him…sitting on the bench watching him make plays. He was able to run the ball pretty good and whenever he throws, it’s like a rocket is attached to his arm.”

The Jets game planned for Allen.  They could not catch him. They possibly learned to contain him.  Film study may take his 100-yard rushing games and revert that back to the running back being at that number.  Game plans may contain him or regulate how much damage he does with his running, both planned bootlegs as well as getting out of trouble when plans break down. 

If we are looking to the future version of the 1983 QB draft class Dan Marino/Jim Kelly/John Elway type juxtaposition which also would possibly include Arizona, Cleveland and even Baltimore. Darnold walked away victorious on the score board and as well as most statistical categories.

“I’ve got to be smarter with the football,” Allen said. “I gave it away three times today and didn’t put us in great situations. Coach McDermott preaches ball security all the time and there were a couple of plays where it just wasn’t the most important thing (to me) and it hurt us.”

Allen the past two weeks against the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions played phenomenal. Against the Dolphins, a pass that was either dropped by Charles Clay or just a few inches short of Clay’s hands on the last Bills drive for a chance to win the game. You decide whether it was a bad throw or if Clay just simply let it go through his hands.

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Maybe the Bills have their guy. A guy who can make the Superbowl teams a classic memory and not a current storyteller’s primary content. Doug Flutie can retain his Ted Nolan type followers from being unstoppable for a ten-game stretch and then becoming a quarterback status teams forced Buffalo to beat them with the Magic arm that threw ducks.  He has enough athleticism combined with a high experienced football IQ to be a playoff quarterback if he had some surrounding support.

Allen is something special. Now Brandon Beane must get him a ton of help. He has shown enough to deserve the team spending on weapons and tools for this guy. I am not crying out that he is the next Brett Favre or even Big Ben. He may regress or not get the help he deserves and be at his best already which is not good enough. He may be an injury guy.

The Bills face off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots this week. Brady has owned the Bills his entire career, going 28-3 and only have one loss against new quarterbacks he has never faced in Foxboro. Allen missed the first game between these two teams but now he gets his shot. He will face off against the man he called the greatest of all time while wearing his jersey in a picture…granted it was many years ago and that photo has been deleted.

The Bills look to hand the Patriots their third straight loss this week.

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