The Colts hosted the Giants in the fight to keep their playoffs hopes alive as they were able to beat the Giants in a 28-27 comeback win. After starting off the game struggling, the Colts led by captain Andrew Luck, was able to score the game-winning touchdown with 0.55 left on the clock. Free safety Malik Hooker iced the game with an interception on the Veteran Eli Manning who is now 0-4 when playing the Colts.


The Colts’ defensive line did a great job against star running back Saquon Barkley in the run game, however, they struggled to find Eli Manning behind the line of scrimmage for even a single sack. Manning found himself hurried multiple times but just before he was taken down Eli smartly got rid of the ball.

Even though Marlon Mack, the Colts’ starting running back, had a touchdown today, he was only able to total 34 rushing yards in his 12 attempts. Today was a more prominent passing day but that doesn’t take away from the Colts one dimensional style play without over 50 rushing yards total, especially when missing Pro Bowl tight end Eric Ebron who left the game with a concussion.

The Colts secondary is another unit to blame for such a close game. Many times during the game, us Colts’ fans were disgusted by the Colts’ secondary’s play as they allowed Eli Manning who is on the back end of his career to throw for 309 yards and a touchdown which is not expected with the Colts’ top 10 defense.


Another week, another huge game by star receiver T.Y. Hilton. Hilton had multiple huge plays slicing up the Giants secondary totaling up 138 yards in seven completions only having one target which wasn’t caught in today’s win. Hilton not only had a huge game receiving but had a huge impact on how the Giants secondary showed care while covering the Colts’ other receivers.

Slot wide receiver Chester Rogers had arguably his best game of the year. Rogers is known for struggling when catching the ball this season, but today he caught all 7 of his targets for a total of 54 yards but the game-winning touchdown. Heading into the game this week, the Colts had the lowest number of deep throw attempts against their defense, that number being 44.

Against the Giants, Eli Manning went deep to try and win the game for his team which was not a smart move at the ball-hawk safety Malik Hooker picked off the pass and iced the game giving the Colts the chance to move into the playoff picture with a Steelers loss to the Saints.


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