2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: DaMarkus Lodge

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Mississippi

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 pounds

Round Projection: 1



While Lodge played in a pass-friendly offense, his quarterback would through balls up for grabs. As a result, Lodge adjusted to a multitude of pass angles and placement. To his credit, he will adjust to passes anywhere near his reach. Lodge mastered the contact catch, whether away from his body or not. That is to say, despite a defender tackling or interfering, Lodge uses a strong grip.


For a wideout that possesses adequate burst off the line, Lodge owns an interesting second gear. In addition, when he gets even with a corner, Lodge pulls away. Armed with a surprisingly long stride and consistent gait, he profiles with intermediate to slightly long speed. The key will be how an NFL quarterback with better ball placement helps him. In Oxford, Lodge made his share of big play for the Rebels.

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Route Running

Despite average size, Lodge fights a jam with force, swiping the inside hands away. Yet, that will not break his stride or mess with the timing of the route. In the Rebels’ offense, Lodge saw himself working the sidelines on screens, outs, posts and the posts. Moreover, Lodge feasts in the red zone, extending his arms away, giving a wide window.


As mentioned, Lodge’s ability to adjust to catch helps his stock. With the hands, the ability to win 50/50 balls only helps his cause. Similarly, he elevates well, either over a would-be tackler or to snag a ball.


In reality, Lodge sat behind two other Ole Miss wideouts in this draft. Granted, he does not possess the traits of DK Metcalf or the size and dexterity of AJ Brown, but his work ethic exists. Playing third fiddle probably did not sit too well, yet he found his niche within the offense.

Raiders Fit

While Lodge may not profile as a bigger receiver, he does bring the Raiders a threat. Whether between the twenties or in the red zone, Lodge fights for each pass in his direction. With the free agency market looking slim, the Raiders must address the dearth of talent. Due to this fact, the team must hit the draft and free agency to cobble together a decent corps. Lodge gives the Raiders an elite wideout.

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