Defensive Titan of the Week: Week 16

Defensive Titan

Why is the safety position so undervalued in the NFL nowadays? Is there really a growing thought that the safety position isn’t one of the most important on the defensive side of the ball? If you need any kind of proof that it’s the farthest thing from the truth, just watch one game of Kevin Byard’s play. Byard is making the safety position sexy again, and he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Defensive Titan of the Week

While Wesley Woodyard is the leader of this defense, the heart and soul may very well be Byard. While Byard was cheated of a pro-bowl trip, he has quickly asserted himself as one of, if not the best safety in the league. On Saturday, Byard had 9 tackles, 2 passes defended and a crucial late-game interception. Byard’s interception came with the Titans leading 19-16 late in the fourth quarter. Tennessee had finally taken the lead, but Washington was already in Tennessee territory. Threatening to tie up the game, Byard stepped up his play when it counted, picking off Josh Johnson with 1:22 left.

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Byard seems to heighten his play every week. Expect Byard to use another pro-bowl snub as motivation. We’ve seen him use similar instances in the past, such as being called a fan by Deion Sanders. His incredible play only buttresses my preseason statement of the Titans potentially having on of the best secondaries in the NFL. Obviously, they still have work to do, but Malcolm Butler remembering how to play corner has dramatically changed this secondary.

Going Forward

Heading into week 17, the Titans just need a win to be in. For that to happen, they need to do something that they have never done. Beat Andrew Luck. It’s well documented that Andrew Luck has never lost to the Titans. How can that be changed? The Titans need to control the pace of the game, their defense needs to be providing constant pressure on Luck. If pressure can be applied, the ball will be coming out quicker thus allowing the secondary to be more aggressive. Indianapolis’s offensive line has played exceptionally well this year, allowing Luck to thrive in most games. Stopping Luck is no easy task, but if the defense is up to the task, it can be accomplished. Expect a physical and emotional match to end this NFL regular season.

Titans fans, make sure EVERY seat is filled. Show those Colts fans that we don’t need to pump sound in to have a good fan base. #TitanUp


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