Every week will bring win or losses. Those wins and losses will all have stand out players and players that underwhelm. Studs and Duds will highlight two players from each of those categories after every game. If there is a particularly bad game, there may be an extra dud and likewise for good games and the studs.


Joe Mixon, Running Back

The lone bright spot for the Bengals in an otherwise depressing loss, Mixon looked dominant at times against a weak Cleveland run defense. The stats may not support that but the tape does. He only ran for 68 yards on 17 carries but still managed to gash the Browns on a few runs. Due to the dreadful play at quarterback and along the offensive line, Cleveland was able to focus on stopping Mixon. It speaks volumes that he was still able to create on his own even with the entire defense keying on him. There were drives that Mixon single-handedly kept alive with his ability to break tackles and always be falling forward.

Andrew Billings, Defensive Tackle

Any other week Billings wouldn’t make the Stud section, but this week was so bad for the Bengals that average play was about as good as it got for the team. Billings didn’t play badly but wasn’t spectacular in any way. He simply did his job of eating up double teams and not getting moved off his base as a nose tackle. It’s not his fault that the Bengals’ linebackers don’t know how to fill the gaps created by him eating up blockers. Billings still struggles to get off blocks and penetrate the backfield but the Bengals don’t ask him to do those things very often. Solid play in the middle while the rest of the defense was a disaster around him lands Billings on the Studs list this week.

Honorable Mentions: None


Alex Redmond, Guard

The title for the worst offensive lineman on the team has gone to tackle Bobby Hart all season long; Redmond is challenging for that title. Redmond would most likely be cut or relegated to back up duty on most teams around the league. His nasty attitude in the run game is the only thing keeping him in the starting line up. Hart at least knew who he was supposed to block and attempted to get in the way against Cleveland, Redmond struggled to do even that at times. The lowlight of the game for him was misreading his blocks and allowing a free rusher into the backfield completely untouched. The offensive line as a whole has been solid this year except Redmond and Hart.

Michael Johnson, Defensive End

Different week, same old Michael Johnson. Johnson is an outstanding human being who does a ton of charity work for the city of Cincinnati. He is one of the best leaders on the entire team. Don’t let all that distract you like it has Marvin Lewis and the Bengals organization. Johnson is still seeing the field despite subpar play on a weekly basis. He can’t rush the passer and was playing based on his ability as a stout run defender. Sunday showed that even his run defense is beginning to fall off. Struggling to set the edge and release from blocks turned him into a liability against the Browns. A weak duo of offensive tackles in Cleveland made Johnson look awful. Rookie Sam Hubbard did see more and more snaps throughout the game but there still was no reason for Johnson to see meaningful playing time.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Billy Price, Center – Price has been up and down all year and Sunday was no different. He was slow to the second level and missed assignments at times.
  • Entire Linebacking Corp – They’ve been a dumpster fire all season long and continued to be a dumpster fire against the Browns.

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