I’m back again folks. I know I have been missed, but I know you have also been seeing these Spurs. While the tide has seemed to have turned, the love in the air for this team has never been stronger this season. We are finally seeing this team hit on all cylinders, while maintaining good health and actually getting healthier as the year goes along.

Now as I knock on the finest of words for that health to continue, I will say, I knew this team had a run in them, but I didn’t see it as potent as what we have seen right now. We are looking at the future of this Spurs team, and the future looks very bright. While I hope everyone had the merriest of Christmases, I hope you got the finest of Tim Duncan autographed basketball‘s and George Gervin ice packs, as the new year comes, we have a lot to look forward to in San Antonio.

8-2 over the last 10? Really?

You better believe it. The Spurs have had a lot of quality wins during the stretch, from the number one seed Denver Nuggets, to the Lakers, 76ers among other teams. They have played phenomenal defense and shooting very efficient. The distribution of the basketball is at a rate we are accustomed to seeing, but with all these new faces, we all worried if we could get it back to what we knew. What I’ve been saying over the last 2 months, has finally been working.

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As the Spurs continue to grow as a unit, the chemistry will turn into something on the court, filled with positives. As the year goes along, you’ll see this team continue to strive together as we are used to seeing all Spurs teams. From phenomenal 3 point shooting, to really playing smart basketball whether it’s going for the 2for1, making the most out of your opportunities while at the line, or really basic keys to winning like finishing at the rim.

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The Spurs have really just corrected the mental errors that plagued them early in the year, which I repeatedly said was expected from a new group. While this isn’t “Spurs championship talk”, smell the roses because this team can really begin to cook later on in the year. The Spurs have played exceptional against teams with dominant bigs like Jokic & Embiid, while also controlling the output of guys like LeBron, Jimmy Buckets, etc. There’s more room for even more hope though, as the Spurs finally activated Goat Walker IV against Denver last night, and Pau Gasol should be returning sometime in January.

3 point shooting is bad for the game, Pop?!

Yes, we all know how he feels about that. This Spurs team is one of the best three-point shooting team’s he has ever put out on the floor. The Spurs are the #1 3 point shooting team in terms of %’s and efficiency numbers. They are great at the high screen 3’s for players like Marco & Davis, as well as the kick out 3’s on drives from DeMar to Patty, Rudy etc.

The Spurs also hold 2 top 7 3 point % leaders in Rudy Gay and the #1 3pt % leader in Davis Bertans! Marco has finally hit a rhythm for this Spurs team, as he is hitting trey ball much more efficient, although at times when he pulls, it’s like he thrives when he throws his leg out and just throws himself as he shoots. It’s hilarious but hey whatever helps them go in, bud.

How do they keep this up?

Continue to maintain this formula of heavy ball movement and great shot selection, while defensively continue to challenge every shot and REBOUND!!!! R E B O U N D. Jakob has been a huge asset for us, especially in that department. It’s a huge benefit for us when he’s out there because the work he does defensively while maintaining efficiency offensively is HUGE.

San Antonio has to keep up the pressure on the defense and continue to have a balanced-spaced out the offense when DeMar-LMA isn’t on the court. When DeMar-LMA isn’t on the court, you see a lineup of Patty/Bryn-Marco/Bryn-Rudy-Davis-Jakob and man oh man, it’s raining all day from 3. The Spurs have to continue that, for that lineup is very tricky for teams to defend. Good length in Davis-Rudy, great defensive presence with Jakob, and grinders in Patty-Bryn. Very interesting, while not the biggest of names, they can cause some damage in the future.

Season Predictions (12-28/12-31): 24-11.

@ Nuggets: L (109-99)

While just working the Nuggets last night (score was closer than how the game really played out) the Spurs will most likely lose in Denver against a very young, deep team. Great coaching followed by some solid shooters in guys like Craig, Beasley, Morris & Murray, with solid big play in Jokic & Hernangomez. I could see the Spurs winning this game though because Millsap, Harris, Barton etc are out, but Denver is a very tough place to play and I think ultimately off a b2b game like that, the Spurs will fall short, but keep it close.

@ Clippers: W, (120-107)

The Spurs will avenge the early season loss that featured DeMar’s crazy and1 type spinning layup, in a relatively easy victory. The Spurs have had some success against a Doc Rivers coached Clips team, and I feel this time around will be no different. I like Trez Harrell a bit, Lou Will I like as well (currently fighting some injuries) as well as SGA who I think is VERY underrated as a rook. All in all, I don’t think they currently have enough for the Spurs, and the Spurs take it in LA.

Celtics: W, (111-106)

While this pains me to say because I work with way too many damn Celtics fans, I do think they’re a great team. They are a great coached, young group, although some of their youth is struggling like Jaylon Brown, Gordon Hayward (he’s like 27, coming off a whole broken ankle/foot/complete lower extremity) I think defensively they’re really good, and at home, they are a very tough group. BUT on the road, they are barely over .500, and I think they’ll be right at .500 after this night. I think DeMar and Kyrie have a great battle, as well as LMA-Horford. I think it’s a back and forth game all night, and the Spurs “no names” come up big, very late, and win the game for SA. I really do hope so, because I can’t take anymore Celtics nonsense at work. Hahahaha

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