2019 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Greg Dortch

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Wake Forest

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 170 pounds

Round Prediction: 4-5



With a smaller receiver like Dortch, expect a limited catch radius. Despite that limitation, Dortch excels in cleanly plucking the ball out of the air. Additionally, the concentration and belief in his hands helps Dortch turn upfield after the catch. In one motion, he grabs and bolts. On the other hand, do not expect too many physical, high point catches.


While working the slot, Dortch manages to use the entire field to get away from defenders. Meanwhile, when he is singled on a post or go, Dortch gets even in a hurry, leaving the corner steps behind. In addition, Dortch’s burst carries down field. Regardless of situation, space is the defender’s nemesis.

Route Running

If Dortch works exclusively in the slot, he should prosper, due to his speed. Yet, mere explosiveness will not be his only calling card. In the slot, Dortch’s ability to run clean, sharp routes will display his athleticism. For example, depending on the offense, option routes remain open, and a source of the big plays. Granted, Dortch’s frame will bait teams into jamming him at the line. However, if the corner cannot slow him, and Dortch slips by, he is gone. As a result, teams will give him cushion, allowing him a free release to work underneath. Unfortunately, those slot corners need to secure the stop. Any slip or misses tackle and the field flips.


During a pattern or return, Dortch’s quicks can turn an eight-yard gain into a thirty-yard one. If you watch the film, observe his feet and the ability to stop, plant and immediately change direction, in an eyeblink. On screen, Dortch weaves his way through the gaps provided by blocks

Raiders Fit

With Mike Mayock now onboard, the Raiders employ a full-time draft analyst and film watcher. In reality, Mayock knows who Dortch is and probably watched a few of his games. As a result, he can see what a potential offensive fit could be. With Seth Roberts, the Raiders lack any pop or explosion in the slot. Granted, Roberts possess the size that Gruden loves, but none of the big-play ability that Mayock covets. In addition, Dortch’s return ability gives Oakland another weapon. With field position at a premium, having a rookie that can affect where you start drive could factor into future successes.

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