The San Francisco 49ers have just finished their season with a record of 4-12 and this is the fifth straight season that the Niners haven’t posted an above .500 record. So what makes them be the most rumored spot to land high profile players? Five words. Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo. Ever since Head Coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch had signed with the Niners, there has been numerous reports that a lot of possible free agents have been wanting to play with the team. The acquisition of Richard Sherman last year and the rising superstar in George Kittle has drawn even more interest from other players like Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants and Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Antonio Brown has been having issues with his own team this past week. His story is that he sat out in Week 17 when the Steelers needed a win to possibly make it to the playoffs, unfollowed the Steelers on Instagram, called his former teammate “Uncle Tom” and most recently was on the show called “The Masked Singer” by singing “My Pergoative” by Bobby Brown. What’s been really getting Niner fans going is that on late New Year’s Eve, George Kittle sent out a tweet on Twitter saying, “Sup? @AB84” and about twenty minutes later, Antonio Brown retweeted with an emoji with stars in its’ eyes. Jimmy Garoppolo and Richard Sherman both retweeted the tweet and Adrian Colbert commented on it. Brown followed Garoppolo, Kittle, Colbert on Twitter and followed the San Francisco 49ers official page on Instagram and liked a post on one of the fan accounts showing Brown in a Niners uniform. Both Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport have stated that trading Antonio Brown is quite possible due to the fact that he would save the Steelers $1 million in cap space but could save them financially later down the road so a trade to the Niners is quite possible. Steelers would want to ship him to an NFC team so they wouldn’t have to deal with him in the AFC anymore plus the Niners host the Steelers in 2019 so a rematch could possibly happen.

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As for the Odell Beckham Jr. situation, he has shown his frustrations many times when Eli Manning wouldn’t throw him the ball or just refusing to trust him. San Francisco was linked to Beckham Jr. last year during the off-season before he signed a contract with the Giants for 5 years worth $90 million. General Manager Dave Gettleman of the New York Giants has not shy away of the idea of trading Beckham Jr. to another team. Having both Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. would be expensive but the Niners haven’t had a true number one receiver sine Terrell Owens. The possibility of landing both of them are highly unlikely but landing at least one them is very probable. Niner fans are in for a wild ride this upcoming off-season.

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