Will Freddie Kitchens Remain On Cleveland Browns Coaching Staff?


Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens is a hot name around the NFL. It’s no surprise considering the job he did after taking over for the fired Todd Haley.

Kitchens has done such a good job, teams are requesting interviews with him for a variety of jobs. But what about the job opening with the team he is currently under contract with? Will Kitchens be one and done in Cleveland after calling plays for just a total of nine games? The final preseason game included.

Well not so fast. It appears Kitchens isn’t going anywhere else. General manager John Dorsey and the Browns front office staff has denied requests from other teams to interview Kitchens.

“Yes. I think he has earned it,” Dorsey said. “He has done a nice job in his role as offensive coordinator. I think this organization wants to get to know him a little bit better. We will eventually get him in an interview slot and move forward.”

It does not mean he will remain on the Browns sideline in 2019. Or perhaps it does. The question that needs answered is offensive coordinator or head coach.

Dorsey is expected to interview Kitchens for the head coaching job sometime next week.

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“He has moved the ball,” Dorsey said. “I think he has put some flair and different route combinations together that help out the quarterback. Overall, he has kind of moved the bar on the offensive side of the ball.”

A reason why Dorsey should interview his offensive coordinator, continuity. That is something there has not been much in Cleveland since the team returned to the NFL in 1999.

Even if Kitchens does not get the Browns head coaching job, he certainly could become one in the not to distant future.

“I think you got a really good illustration of what Freddie could do in that fourth preseason game. I have always said play calling is an art, not a true science. You have to feel the moment. I think Freddie has a good feel for that type of thing,” Dorsey said. “What we would like to do is learn a little bit more about Freddie. That is why we are going to sit there and talk to him.”

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