Who’s Your Next Head Coach?

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The Post Season Blues

If you are one of the lucky 12 fan bases whose teams qualified from the 2018 playoffs in the AFC or NFC you are doubtlessly preparing for your teams glorious postseason run. If you aren’t numbered among those still with a need for face paint you may be asking the question, “Who will my next head coach be?”

There are currently 8 teams in search of a new leader. Many of the top offensive and defensive coordinators mentioned to fill those positions are still coaching. I’m going to focus on four candidates that aren’t. All are worthy if flying a bit under our radars.

Todd Monken OC Tampa Bay


Monken in only just flying under the radar. Mentioned in reports as a candidate for the Cincinnati Bengals top spot. With a dysfunctional quarterback situation that changed starters every couple of games Monken’s passing attack thrived. It wasn’t the Steelers or the Rams or even the Chiefs that led the league in passing yards from scrimmage. It was the Buccaneers. In a league looking for innovation on the offensive side of the ball and mentors for quarterbacks, Monken checks all the boxes. His offense was second only to the high powered Chiefs in yards gained per pass play.

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Todd Wash DC Jacksonville


Wash has been the Jaguars defensive coordinator for the past three years. To say they’ve shown improvement every year under his watch would be a lie. After finishing 1st in yard allowed to opponents in 2017 Jacksonville tumbled down this year…to number 2. Despite being handicapped by an offense that seemed incapable of the basics and they were a respectable 14th in 3rd down conversions allowed and 8th toughest to score a touchdown against in the red zone. If you are looking for a head coach to take your defense and your team to the next level then Wash is the guy in my book.

Leslie Frazier DC Buffalo

Jan 7, 2018; Jacksonville, FL, USA;Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Leslie Frazier during the second quarter of the AFC Wild Card playoff football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Everbank Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Frazier has been a head coach before. In his second year as the Bills defensive coordinator, he and his defense have been impressive. The Bills finished 3rd, a tenth of a yard, (4.9 vs 4.8) behind the co-leaders in average yards allowed per play. The co-leaders? You’ve heard probably heard of them. They go by the names of the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens. You don’t find yourself in any better company than that on the defensive side of the ball. They gave up the fewest yards through the air in the entire league and finished 3rd in net yards per pass play allowed. This, while the Bills offense ranked 30th in points, scored and 30th in total yards.


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