Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: RB Ryquell Armstead

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect RB Ryquell Armstead

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Ryquell Armstead

Position: Running Back

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 215 pounds

School: Temple University

Round Projection


Run Style

In Temple’s offense, they loved to feature Armstead between the tackles. While he operated there effectively, do not pigeonhole him as a banger. With that said, he never shied away from contact, bouncing off tackles, while churning his legs. Since he operated inside often, Armstead learned the lost art of staying compact and running behind his pads. Through contact, Armstead thunders forward with aggression. When he finishes a run, watch the contact point, pad pop, and jolt that he will unleash upon a defender.


When Armstead does bounce outside, he presents the ability to shift his hips, altering the pursuit angle. If the defender cannot immediately adjust, he loses Armstead for a few more yards. In addition, moving through the line, he will use a decent jump cut to elude the first would-be tackler.

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Granted, Armstead will never hit the corner and go regularly untouched. Yet, the ability to hit the second, or even third gear with ease. In the open field, Armstead rips off chunks of yardage, blurring by linebackers.


If an underdeveloped part of his game exists, the receiving game needs work. During his stay in Philadelphia, the team never called on him to run much of a route tree. On the positive side, he profiles as the kind of athlete that could learn the patterns, possessing good hands and the ability to generate yards after the catchy.

Raiders Fit

At the writing, no one knows Marshawn Lynch’s status. As a result, the Raiders must begin to look elsewhere. While people seem to give Chris Warren a roster spot, the running backs need an infusion of playmaking. Armstead gives the Raiders a two-down workhorse that can evolve into an every down back. In addition, if they do pair him with Warren, look for Armstead to receive the lion’s share of the carries. Jon Gruden likes backs to hit the hole and not dance. Additionally, Armstead allows the Raiders a Day 3 option that they can upgrade a troublesome RB corps.


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