The Once and Future Coach Bowles

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As The Jets season wrapped up with a major loss to the New England Patriots the New York Jets informed Coach Todd Bowles that he will be relieved of duties. This move comes as no surprise as the New York Jets fan base was calling for the Head of Bowles for ruining a season full of hope. Coach Bowles, who, during his tenure went 24-40 in his four years of coaching will be looking for a fresh start somewhere else. Or if some strange news should happen we could see Bowles back as DC for the Jets, but that is very unlikely. This is strange move since Todd Bowles signed a contract extension through 2020 so he will be receiving a check from the Jets even though he is long gone.

Where Did it Go Wrong?

Having started off the season with a win against a Detroit Lions team that was projected to smash the Jets, things were looking up until they didn’t. The Jets finished 4-12 this season under rookie QB Sam Darnold as the Jets future signal caller and many fans voiced their anger, calling Bowles unfit to mold the future of the franchise and voiced even louder after the disastrous loss to the Bills (who were the worst team in the NFL at that time).

Bowles will be remembered for two things: that time he almost got the Jets into the playoffs under Ryan Fitzpatrick and the time the completely were blown out being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs early in the season.

But Jets fans if you are still riding the hating train you should depart here because this is where the positive and the good that Bowles has done will come out.

Bowles, in his faults, including poor time management, has given the Jets some tools and has set the next HC up for success. He and GM Mac have drafted the future of the franchise as we are all hopeful Sam Darnold could be. He has drafted the players that the Jets need and has even shown them they could be an elite defense.

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During his two games play calling with DC Rodgers was out with an unknown illness, Bowles took over defense calling and during that time which 50 points were scored due in part to the shootout out with the Colts Bowles’ Defense snagged 4 Ints 6 sacks, 11.5 TFL and 23 Pass deflected which is about 4 games total for DC Rodgers so credit where credit is due Bowles a DC is one of the best things the NFL can do. Another thing he set up for the new HC is a mostly solid receiver core. While it may not be complete it has the working of being something great thanks in part of having Q and Robby locked up for a few more years.

All in all Bowles has built a solid foundation for the next HC who unless he tears it all down Gruden style he can go and build upon it quickly and hopefully propell the Jets to a playoff spot next year. Here hoping about that jets fans. But it is sad really while most people will hate on him and will not see past this mistakes, they really do not see he had it rough from the get go, Mac is stingy GM who rarely gave out contracts that would entice talent and that is something the Jets really need, talent. He grabbed players who hurt us more than helped us ex Spencer Long and he gave Johnson a major contract which is being seen as a bust. But looking at other GM and HC combos they work together and not undercut one another and they are going to the playoffs so like president Adams said, “Bowles is getting a raw deal.”

So Coach Bowles This is farwell thank you for serving as the Jets Head Coach and wish you well in finding a new job on another team or anywhere else wherever life takes you. Should you be hired as DC, and the Jets play you it will be a tough fight but one we are looking forward too, Thank you sir and Good luck.


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