Dak Prescott

“Always goin’ for it, never put my fork down, Last call, Hail Mary, Prescott, touchdown, ay”. Whether it be a simple rhyme from a professing fan or a prophetic statement as stated by Dallas artist, Post Malone, the event took place in a week that many weighed in their minds to hold minimal value. 

Would it be two drives or the half, was the question to be answered in a week 17 matchup against the New York Giants that changed nothing for the Cowboys in the future. Instead, Dak put on a show alongside TE Blake Jarwin and would lead yet another game-winning drive on a throw that seems like an anomaly for Prescott. Not to be ignorant, it was exactly the pass Dak can make when his strengths are utilized correctly. Perhaps, it might be exactly what Linehan should make a priority against the Seattle Seahawks. Dating back to week three, the Cowboys first round against the Seahawks, and specifically Prescott, counted for some drastic numbers. Mounting just 13 points, tied 3rd-lowest for the season, Dak would only throw for 137 yards, which would be his season low. Although Dallas was able to find success on the ground with 166 yards, they would tie a season-high 3 turnovers, leading to a 13-24 loss in Seattle. However, in Prescott’s defense, chances that could’ve been game-changing & were stripped away could be replicated if the game plan remains consistent and is built upon. Seattle remains a team that doesn’t blitz often and likes to play man coverage. For Dallas, that speaks to their advantage. 

When Dallas matched against Seattle the first time, the Seahawks were able to sack Prescott 5 times. Whether it was Prescott’s fault or the OL, Prescott will have to once again manage a pocket against a DL that features Frank Clark, Poona Ford, & Jarran Reed. Not only an impactful DE in Clark, whose first step is among the best in the league, but the Seahawks DL also does a great job as a whole in not allowing QB to escape through the top of the pocket.

Dropping seven in coverage, schematically the defense is asking if that QB can anticipate a throw to the harder areas on the field (sideline & middle). Although, if Prescott is able to stay strong by stepping up into the pocket and deliver, chances will present themselves against this Seahawks secondary that will be absent of All-Pro safety Earl Thomas. 

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Chidobe Awuzie 

DangeRuss is the nickname Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has earned throughout his years, being one of the elite, prolific passers in the league. Thought of to be carried by infamous Legion of Boom to the start of his career, Wilson has made adversity appear as minuscule and throws on the run to be second nature. Their chance stands as long as he does, and if there was a name to highlight on who could affect him the most on Saturday, it’s Cowboys CB Chidobe Awuzie. However, it sounds laughable to claim this considering who and what the Cowboys are. From Demarcus Lawrence, Byron Jones, Jaylon Smith, LVE, to even players on the offense that help with ball control. Reason for this, Tyler Lockett exist on the other side and Wilson very much appreciates his presence. 

In week 3, the Seahawks found success in the running game so Lockett wasn’t heavily needed, but his impact was still felt. Finishing with a line of 4 receptions on 5 targets for 77 yards and a touchdown, Awuzie was victim to just 2 of those catches and 14 yards. Although, it’s debated if Lockett’s touchdown is to be attributed to Frazier or Awuzie, the recognition of cover 2 was great timing by one QB and a late read by one DB.

Recently though, Awuzie has been at his best. In the past two weeks, Chido has been targeted 13 times and allowed 5 catches for 50 yards, adding a PBU and an interception in the process. The game starts in the trenches and will play a major role this week, but this matchup could determine a win or loss for either team.

Connor Williams

An ongoing discussion that will continue to take place well through the offseason and one that we went into great detail in week 14, is who should be the left guard? Both Xavier Su’a-Filo and Connor Williams have had their weeks that would support their argument to start, but the identity and winning streak of the Cowboys continues to disguise what is actually taking place. Resilient turning this into another great debate solely of XSF vs Connor, Williams seems to be the likely candidate to start as XSF has been listed doubtful. A bad loss for depth purposes, fans should look past their opinion on who wants who. Last week against the Giants, XSF was able to be the only OL to not give up a hurry, pressure, or sack, as Williams was responsible for one sack, 3 hurries/pressures. On the season, the numbers might surprise some. 

However, the pressure and focus relies only on Williams against DTs Jarran Reed and Poona Ford that will give him fits. In the past three weeks Reed has feasted, generating 4 sacks, 3 QB hits, and 7 hurries. Although Reed has proven to be more effective as a pass rusher, this is where Ford’s limited snaps become valuable for the Seahawks. Increasing his workload recently, Ford has been exceptional against the run creating 8 stops and 11 total tackles. Strong with his hands and a great center of gravity, Ford could find himself in front of Williams quite a bit, knowing how his strengths play against Williams weaknesses.


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