Lucky 7: Freddie Kitchens Interviews For Cleveland Browns Head Coach Position

Freddie Kitchens
Source: Scott Piker

The number of coaching candidates for the Cleveland Browns head coaching job is now at seven. The two internal candidates have taken their turn at impressing the bosses.

Offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens had his day Monday afternoon. The Browns are the only team Kitchens has interviewed with this off season. Requests by other to interview Kitchens were denied.

Kitchens is expected to remain on the Browns coaching staff in 2019. The only question that needs answered is at what capacity? Kitchens could become the next head coach. Experts believe he will be an NFL head coach in the near future. 2019 could be too soon though. Remaining as offensive coordinator is a more likely role this season.

“I think he has earned it,” general manager John Dorsey said. “He has done a nice job in his role as offensive coordinator. I think this organization wants to get to know him a little bit better.”

Kitchen’s quick rise in the coaching ranks is due to the job he has done replacing Todd Haley. Especially in regards to number one overall pick Baker Mayfield.

“I think we understand who Baker is,” Dorsey said. “When you interview coaches, you want to see and ask them, ‘What do you think of our team? Strengths and weaknesses, how can you build upon that?’ That is kind of what you look for in these types of interview sessions. This is a quarterback-driven league, and he is a very important piece to that. Will he have any say in the interview? No, he is not going to. Let management take care of that.”

So will the relationship between Kitchens and Mayfield play a role in the final decision for the Browns front office staff?

“No, a mark of a good coach is being able to create a relationship with the player, especially at that position,” Dorsey said. “I think Freddie has done a wonderful job. That is a hypothetical. I can’t answer right now.”

At least we have our answer in regards to when the Kitchens’ interview took place. Perhaps being the seventh interview will prove lucky for Kitchens.

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