2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Sean Bunting

Position: Cornerback

School: Central Michigan University

Height:  6’1”

Weight: 181 pounds

Draft Estimation: 4th-6th



With immediate twitch, Bunting shows the ability to keep up with the receivers. Regardless of route, he sits on the hip and will stay there during the route. Not to mention, he wins on underneath routes, accelerating to the ball, before the turn in a timing route. Bunting completely relies on his explosion to bail him out of any opportunity, which works to his advantage.


In watching film, Bunting’s knack for shadowing makes him an intriguing prospect. More than a few times, Bunting ran the route for the wideout. He will train his eyes on the core, which bends but will never move. As a result, double moves will need to be elite quality to fool him. Head and shoulder fakes, if slow do not affect the CMU standout. Back at the line, Bunting will lay hands on the wideout, jostling him and disrupt the timing route. Often, with the pattern thrown off, he will anticipate the ball in flight. Additionally, watch for the head turn. Like clockwork or instinct, he plays the ball. In today’s NFL, that technique will save headaches.

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As mentioned, Bunting’s twitchy, sticky coverage factors in. Watch how quickly, he can open the hip to adjust for the either route. In addition, with the ball in flight, he makes the easy jump to highpoint the ball.

Ball Skills

Bunting believes the ball is his. As a result, he uses quick hands to dislodge the ball, snare it, or lock away. Never one to shy away from handfighting, he will attempt to use the hands to steer the wideout away. The subtle moves help here.


At the next level, Bunting will need to tighten up the technique. While he can bring force, the technical aspect needs work. When correct, he will use proper spacing, speed, and drive to secure the stop. Now, all he needs is repetition.

Raiders Fit

The Raiders could see Bunting as a luxury. With Gareon Conley and cap space, the prevailing thought could see Oakland fill the other corner spot. However, DB coach Derrick Ansley could see what most do in Bunting. He is an athletic corner with deep speed, a feisty disposition, and uncanny ball skills. With reps and drills, he could iron out his issues and give the Raiders a potential starter.

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