As the Dallas Cowboys offense surged late to overcome the Seattle Seahawks in the wildcard round, 24-22, the Cowboys defensive front stripped away the offensive game plan of the Seahawks right before their eyes. 

How many more energetic, personality-filled group of players could you name over the “Hot Boyz” still playing right now? Immediately, the Eagles DL & Chargers DBs come to mind or perhaps the Saints defense, who’s “team photo” celebration has taken the league by storm, but the count may never even a reach a hand’s worth. Captained by Demarcus Lawrence, they have developed a “no respect” type of identity that sometimes leads to some of the best quotes. In an attempt to avenge a great rushing display by the Seattle Seahawks back in week 3, the Cowboys DL became a force against the number one rushing attack in the NFL, specifically Maliek Collins.

As teammates know him as “SavageSevv” or how Tupac’s record title “Troublesome ‘96”, perfectly captures the type of impact Collins can have when active, Maliek represented his worth more than enough Saturday night. Before having to leave the game due to an ankle injury, which Garrett remains optimistic about heading into LA, Collins ended his night with 1 sack, 1 QB hurry, and 3 tackles that were all credited as defensive stops, according to PFF.

Rushing for just 20 yards on 13 carries (1.5 YPC), RB Chris Carson found himself stuck all night. For reasons such as this, notice Collins power & finesse against G D.J Fluker, to then be able to work down the line all by the time Carson got to the LOS.

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Certainly, from a different angle, it looks as if Collins got the face mask on Wilson when getting this sack, but this was just great penetration from great a call that starts in the film room. The pressure from Jaylon, which has been a staple used against the Seahawks, caused a misread from Fluker to enable Collins free on the rush.

Advancing to the next round against the vaunted Los Angeles Rams, if the game of trenches were to be won against Seattle, speed will find itself become a necessity facing McVay. Trying to slow down Gurley & Robert Woods will take headlines, but more than a lone sack by Collins to pressure Goff could alter everything that returns Dallas to a NFC Championship game since 1995

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