The New York Jets have found their next head coach, and it isn’t the guy many expected it would be.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Jets are expected to hire former Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase to the same position. The move comes after only a brief stint without Todd Bowles, who was relieved of his duties with the Jets following another disappointing season.

Surprisingly, however, the Jets were one of the last teams standing when it came down to locking down a new head coach. Teams such as the Browns, Cardinals, and Buccaneers were all able to beat Mike Maccagnan and Co. when it came down to potential candidates.

This being said, the Jets still had plenty of options on the table come Wednesday afternoon. Talks were heating up surrounding former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, who reportedly had no interest in coaching for any other team except for New York.

There were also relations with Baylor head coach Matt Rhule, Buccaneers OC Todd Monken, and Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy. Ultimately, New York decided to change the course and hire someone for the first time since 1997 with previous NFL head coaching experience (Bill Parcels).

Is this the Right Move?

While the tables have certainly turned, there must be some rhyme or reason as to why the Jets went with Gase opposed to all of the other big names left on the board, right?

Well other than being the Jets first HC with previous HC experience in quite some time, Gase brings to the table some interesting dynamics. He certainly had his ups and downs in Miami, finishing his final year with a 7-9 record. However, there were some bright moments as well, with much of that stemming from the grooming of Ryan Tannehill.

Though he never made Tannehill into a earth-shattering quarterback, he definitely threw together a well-versed offense around him. He’ll have that same opportunity in New York, with hopefully a more talented quarterback at the helm.

However, there’s the flip side to all of this as well. Gase is obviously renewing himself with a division rival, which won’t exactly sit well with the fans until we see performance on the field in late August. He also comes from a career 23-25 record with Miami, which is pretty difficult to get excited about off the bat. The Jets come out of this situation looking as though they were reaching…reaching for Gase to renew that 2016 magic he brought to Miami.

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What’s Next?

While Gase most likely landed the job with New York due to his previous success with quarterbacks, offensive mind, and young ego, he won’t be the only one calling the shots come 2019.

It is reported that Gase may bring along his OC from Miami, Dowell Loggains, who unfortunately for Jets fans, lead a bottom-5 offense in 2018. However, this was without key pieces in Ryan Tannehill, Devante Parker and Albert Wilson (to name a few) for most of the season.

There are also talks surfacing of the Jets interest in former Broncos HC Vance Joseph joining the team as defensive coordinator. Joseph also worked alongside Gase in Miami for a brief period of time.

All of this being said, the Jets are really shaking things up, and it’s yet to be seen whether it will be for the good or the bad.

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