2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Trayvon Mullen

Position: Cornerback

School: Clemson University

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 190 pounds

Round Projection: 2



Despite an angular frame, Mullen possesses the explosion that easily profiles him as an outside corner. In addition, the start/stop/start quality shines. That is to say, Mullen recovers on shorter routes without losing a step. Meanwhile, on vertical routes, he stays will the receiver through the duration of the route. Never behind but within arm’s reach, he does not have build-up speed. Mullen gets up to speed in a hurry.     Teams can use him as a blitzer, to confuse the quarterback.


Like a veteran, Mullen uses physicality, both obvious and covert to disrupt pattern. For those five yards, he gets his money’s worth. Within that fifteen feet, expect the jam with force. After, expect extra snug coverage for the entire game. Another nuance to his game is the ability to run vertically, slowly getting in the receiver’s path without touching. As a result, the opponent will veer slightly away from Mullen. The sideline becomes the twelfth defender. In the NFL, with two feet needed in bounds, this will assist him greatly. In addition, handfighting is not anything new when the ball is aloft. Additionally, he loves to undercut the route while making contact with the wideout.

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As mentioned, long corners do not always own that set of quicks to deal with the shifty receiver. Yet, Mullen’s flexibility helps. When you watch his backpedal, Mullen uses a patient approach, opening hips, depending on the play side.

Ball Skills

Whether highpointing, away from the body or shutting down the throwing window, Mullen maintains focus. In his approach, you will not see sloppy hands. When he grips it, the ball is his. In contrast, he will use late technique to knock the ball away. This helps avoid the penalty.


If you look at the film, Mullen brings textbook technique to the boundary. With no help, he will square up and attack the target with leverage, quickness, and hand grip. When you do not need to swarm a target, the play ends sooner.

Raiders Fit

In the national championship game, Mike Mayock sat on the sidelines and saw what he already knows about Trayvon Mullen. The Raiders need another corner, opposite of Gareon Conley. In reality, outside of Conley, no one else in the secondary owns more talent and upside than Mullen. If the Raiders pair these two, you will finally see a lockdown tandem, instead of teams picking a corner to pick on. Mullen could sit there for Oakland in Round 2 or possibly late in the first.

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