Head coach Bruce Arians is putting together a staff that resembles his staff in Arizona. The new Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach brings Harold Goodwin on-board as the running game coordinator.

Michigan, Michigan and more Michigan

Starting off as a college player himself, Goodwin was on the offensive line for the Michigan Wolverines from 1992 to 1995. Subsequently, the South Carolina native must have fallen in love with the state. As a result he would stay after his playing days ended as a graduate assistant from 1995 to 1997. Later, he would be a part of the 1997 team that went to the Outback Bowl and lost to Alabama.

In 1998 he moved to Eastern Michigan to coach the offensive line and tight ends. He was there till 1999 before his move to another Michigan school. At Central Michigan he again would coach the offensive line. During both these tenures he developed some college linemen into NFL talent.

Bear Down

In 2004 the Chicago Bears brought Goodwin in to be the offensive line coach. Though the 2004 season was a losing one the team turned it around in 2005. The Bears would finish first in the NFC North and lost in the playoffs during the divisional round. Consequently the Bears looked to improve on their previous success. So, in 2006 the Bears would make the playoffs and go on to lose to the Colts in the Super Bowl. During this time, he coached Olin Kreutz to a first team All Pro selection and three Pro Bowl selections. Ruben Brown would also make a return to the Pro Bowl in 2006.

Steal City

As a result of the Super Bowl loss, Goodwin moved on to be the offensive line coach & quality control coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He would serve in this position from 2007 to 2011. So notably in 2007 he would have the privilege to coach the great Pro Bowler Alan Faneca for a season. Faneca would also earn Pro Bowl and All Pro nods in 2007. Furthermore, In 2008, the team would win the Super Bowl due in no small part to the offensive line play. Then in 2010 Maurkice Pouncey was drafted in the first round. Goodwin would welcome him to the NFL and coach him to a Steelers rookie of the year award and a Pro Bowl. Following his amazing rookie campaign, he would also have an All Pro performance with Goodwin as a coach. Still active, Pouncey is a stud.

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Did I mention the offensive coordinator during this time frame? You guessed it. Bruce Arians. Goodwin would be taken with Arians when his contract expired in 2011 to a new team.

Moving with Arians

2012 saw Goodwin move with Arian to Indianapolis to be the offensive line coach. That was the year Bruce would take over for Chuck Pagano for weeks 5-16. The team would finish 11-5 and lose in the wildcard game.

Stick with what you know and like

Staying with a Coach Arians, Goodwin would move to warm and sunny Arizona. Only this time he would step up and fill the role of offensive coordinator. 2013 saw the team go 10-6 with no playoff berth. This very good showing would be followed up by a 11-5 season that saw the Cardinals lose to our NFC South opponents the Carolina Panthers. Not one to rest on his laurels, the Goodwin lead offense looked to strike while the iron was hot and plowed their way to a 13-3 finish in 2015. The team would lose again to the Panthers, this time in the NFC championship game. The following two years, 2016 and 2017, the team would finish 7-8-1 and 8-8 respectfully.

Sunny Florida

Now you can find Goodwin on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers side lines. Hired as the offensive line coach & run game coordinator. He brings an experience that should matriculate through the line and offense. Goodwin also knows a winning culture. He knows what it looks like, smells like and tastes like. He will infuse that here and get the winning mentality into the players that are the tone setters for an offense, the linemen.

Welcome to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Harold.

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