2019 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Emanuel Hall

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Missouri

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 204 pounds

Round Projection: 2-3



To his credit, Hall worked diligently worked on improving his hands while in Columbia. After reps and hours of practice, Hall elevated his catching to match his skills set. Although not perfect, he will make catches in a variety of way. First, he looks comfortable with catch the vertical over each shoulder. Next, Hall displays the skill of laying out for the ball without reservation. In addition, his catch radius allows the quarterback to find him in various spots.


Immediately, Hall’s film screams big play wideout. At Missouri, he averaged 20.8 yards per grab. From the snap, he gets even with the corner. After that, he will accelerate past the corner. Regardless of impending safety help. In fact, Hall accelerates into another gear with the ball in the air.

Route Running

Granted, Hall can turn any route into a big play. Yet, with a great receivers coach, he will learn the nuances of route running. Now, Hall brings innate timing to his pattern. All it will take is time to get the footwork done. In all honesty, by the time the combine rolls around, the small timing hiccups will quickly disappear.

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While some see the ability to beat the press as a speed assessment, Hall operates different. With a strong jump at the line, Hall defeats the jam with footwork. If the corner favors a side, Hall will get his feet to the weak side. As a result, the defender takes a false step and starts the route at a disadvantage.


In his career, Hall waited his turn. When others were the focus, he improved his craft. By diligent work, he improved. While his approach is not super precise, he shows the will to succeed.

Raiders Fit

With so many questions at wideout, the Raiders need talent. Granted, Hall does not profile as a pure number one. Yet, his ability to get vertical and beat man coverage should intrigue Jon Gruden. With Martavis Bryant’s disaster tenure, the Raiders still need a big-play wideout. In all honesty, Derek Carr needs a receiver to take the top off the defense. Hall could give the Raiders a solid number three in the beginning. However, he could, with sound coaching evolve into a solid number two wideout.

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