2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Jakobi Meyers

Position: Wide Receiver

School: North Carolina State University

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 204 pounds

Round Projection: 3-4



If tackling became a lost art, sure-handedness seems to fall into that category. Yet, Meyers gives his quarterback everything he can to open the passing window. First, with an outstanding catch radius allows the passer to find Meyers with throws away from his body. Without hesitation, he will extend into, around, and over the defender. Moreover, Meyers adjust to poorly thrown balls that will ultimately bail out the passer and extend the play. From above the head or the one-armed grab, Meyers makes maximum effort to make the catch.


With Meyers occupying the slot, do not expect a burner. While he is not strictly a chain mover, he did not fill the vertical role during his days in Raleigh. However, what he features is an adequate second gear. In return, that burst will turn an eight-yard pattern into a fifteen-yard gain on third downs. Where Meyers wins with separation are the crispness of the underneath route that corners will take an extra step back. In that instant, he gains that spacing.

Route Running

At NC State, Meyers profiles as a technician that offers a bit of nuance to his route. By relying on his timing to confuse the corner, Meyers keeps them guessing. In addition, he learned to run the route tree in similar fashion. Under those circumstances, the defender cannot jump the route, if the pass arrives on time.


As a possession/slot receiver, Meyers must win with quicks. From the snap, regardless of route, shifty is a necessary tool. In that case, footwork will lead to spacing in the middle of the field. Conversely, when called upon to run the screen, he will navigate through a small space and explode downfield.


In the run game, Meyers will occupy his target with a strong base and physical hands. While that will not show up in the box score, it shows the will to do the dirty work.

Raiders Fit

If you look at the Raiders and their receivers, you will see so many holes. First, they do not employ a true number one. Next, they do not employ any drafted talent that they seem high on. Marcel Ateman did not see the field for weeks at a time. If you know Jon Gruden, he values toughness and route running. In Meyers, the Raiders could drop him into the lineup and start working. Derek Carr, like most quarterbacks can appreciate a go-to receiver on third down.


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