2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Markus Bailey

Position: Linebacker

School: Purdue University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 240 pounds

Round Projection: 4



While he may not set stopwatches ablaze, Bailey will use above-average game speed. That is to say, his film supersedes anything you may see at the combine. First, as a blitzer, he times the snap and explodes upfield. When Bailey attempts to get home, observe the inside foot. If Bailey gets even with the tackle, he is winning. When closing on a play away from the line, Bailey closes on the play with authority.


When Bailey drops back, he presents fluidity to coverage. From the ability to read the play, to route anticipation, he seems at home. In addition, Bailey can play the eyes of the receiver. Ineffective pass catchers will open their eyes or raised their hands prematurely. As a result, Bailey quickly darts into prime position, usually undercutting the play.


This trait serves Bailey in a plethora of ways. Although he will occasionally use a bull rush to stand up a guard, Bailey uses hands to disengage. Next, when a ball carrier attempts to widen out to extend the pursuit angle, he will adjust. With adequate hip flexion and coordinating feet, you will see plays made downfield.


With force, Bailey brings various techniques to the table. Against a back straight on, you will see a textbook attempt. On the other hand, plays veering away still feature a strong grasp but he will gator roll the target to the ground. In the open field, Bailey breaks down and makes the play alone. His numbers bear that out. The number of solo stops (210) more than doubled the assists (92).

Raiders Fit

While many will overlook Bailey, because he is not a first-rounder, the Raiders need to observe. Without flash or splash, he makes plays everywhere. With AFC West rivals that feature diverse offenses, you need three-down linebackers that afford Paul Guenther the flexibility to implement his defense. As a result, Bailey fits in well with what the Raiders want to accomplish. In addition, looking at the depth chart, not too many standouts exist. Granted, depth is needed. With Bailey, the Raiders could use him in that capacity while he learns the ropes. In all honesty, there is starting potential there.


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