2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Jordan Ta’amu

Position: Quarterback

School: The University of Mississippi

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 212 pounds

Round Projection: 3-4


Pocket Presence

When facing the rush, Ta’amu stands tall. Despite rushers collapsing in, he will deliver the throw. On other hand, if the rush is not imminent, he will move the pocket away from the heat, and make his decision. If he catches the receiver behind the corner, look for the ball. If no one looks open, count on him to take off. Immediately, Ta’amu makes split-second decisions.

Reading Defenses

In Ole Miss’ offense, Ta’amu operated from the shotgun with the receivers spread wide. As a result, defenses were forced to adjust. At the next level, he will see exotic blitzes and disguised coverage. Granted, Ta’amu does not seem to wither from the pressure of the position.

Throwing Motion

In this case, being a smaller quarterback actually helps. From ear to the release, Ta’amu brings a compact throwing motion to the field. In addition, this helps with pump fakes and deceiving the linebackers. Surprisingly, the shorter motion does not affect his ability to throw vertically.

Arm Strength

Under any circumstances or pattern, Ta’amu displays an above-average arm, with the ability to execute every throw. There is no throw that scares Ta’amu from at least attempting it. More importantly, he brings the touch and knack for taking RPM off fades, screens, and slants.

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When the pocket break down or defense locks down receivers, Ta’amu will extend the play. By sliding away, allowing the receiver to work back towards him. Additionally, on designed run plays, Ta’amu wastes no time and heads downfield. In the open field, he shows excellent shiftiness. If the play calls for a rollout, watch for the fluidity to force the defense to spy him.


Normally, quarterbacks in the spread feast off short passes that make their completion percentages soar. However, Ta’amu’s willingness to throw vertically destroys that stereotype. Granted, he delivers the ball underneath and intermediate routes. Now, as mentioned, he loves going downfield in an eyeblink. When he does, watch the air under the pass. You will rarely see the overthrown on a line.

Raiders Fit

When Jon Gruden worked at ESPN, he ran a quarterback camp. For years, he discussed the process with quarterbacks. Yet, what quarterback can he say that he’s fully developed from draft pick to Pro Bowler? The Raiders have cap space. In return, they can use some of it to fill certain holes. Yet, a player like Ta’amu call fall to Oakland on Day 2-3. With Derek Carr the entrenched starter, the Raiders could develop Ta’amu slowly. His skillset provides the Raiders with a high ceiling, low-risk talent. In addition, you just know that Jon Gruden wants to develop his quarterback, eventually.

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