Florida Football Teams- Anything but what’s Expected in NFL

Future Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores
Nov 30, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; New England Patriots safeties coach Brian Flores during the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The other than the only perfect season to ever be in the record books, the story of Florida football, meaning the Dolphins, Buccaneers and Jaguars, has hardly been the talk of the National Football League. Their sad stories are warranted to be the saddest to

Miami Dolphins

1972, the year that will forever be remembered to all football fans. The Dolphins went 14-0 in the regular season. Then made their way to the Super Bowl where they defeated the Redskins under quarterback Bob Griese and head coach Don Shula.

Since then, the Dolphins has only appeared in three more Super Bowls. In the last 11 years they have only appeared in the playoffs twice. Both times losing in the Wild Card round.

Miami hasn’t been the laughing stock of the NFL but their inability to form an all around team that can defeat any type of strong contender is not what any fan, team, owner or coach wants. Since their wildcard loss in 2008, the Dolphins have had five different head coaches. It is shocking that the number is not higher than that since they had gone 7-9 four times. As well as 6-10 twice. Their exciting 4-2 start to the season gave fans hope. But losing the next four of five throw their season out the window.

The Dolphins are expected to hire New England Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores when their season ends. His defensive background might be able to give some sight this team needs to step up their game and get back on track to have a winning season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2007 was the last time the Buccs made a playoff appearance. that doesn’t sound like a long time but to put that into perspective, Jon Gruden was still head coach and Jeff Garcia was still in at quarterback. The Buccs fell to the New York Giants when Eli Manning was still in his prime.

Since then they have had four head coaches, five starting quarterbacks and have only placed second in their division once. Despite their 10-6 record in 2010, they still only placed third in the NFC South. Tampa Bay has placed last eight different times since Gruden left.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick

Last season, head coach Dirk Koetter was unable to decide who to start near the beginning. Under Ryan Fitzpatrick, also known as Fitzmagic, started seven times. He was pulled from one of those starts Week 7 and put in to finish he game Week 8 another for Jameis Winston. Winston, their original start for the past few years, started nine games.

Tampa Bay was able to get former Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians to come out of retirement. Even after announcing that he was only willing to coach if it was for the Cleveland Browns. Arians will bring the spark back to a team that hasn’t seen one in a while. He’ll also be able to pick one QB and stick with his decision.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Out of all the 2018 Florida teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars had the saddest story of them all. After starting 3-1 and having an amazing game against the New England Patriots, the Jags completely fell off the wagon. They finished 5-10 and last in the AFC South. 2018 was a turnaround none expected. The Coaching staff was the same. The quarterback was the same. The running game hadn’t changed and Jalen Ramsey was still apart of the this team. The 2017 Jags finished 10-6 and made it all the way to the conference championship before falling to the Patriots by only four points.

The Jags look like the team they have the last century, awful and disappointing. Aside from 2017, Jacksonville has placed third or fourth nine times in the last 11 years.

Although the Jags had a disappointing season, the team did not decide to fire head coach Doug Marrone. Yet they have not committed to the return of Blake Bortles. This team isn’t expected to change, but with the seventh overall pick it won’t be a shock if they pick a QB that has plenty of potential- like Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins- to bring this team back to the playoffs.


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