Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Anthony Ratliff-Williams

Position: Wide Receiver

School: University of North Carolina

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 205 pounds

Round Projection: 3-4



First, realize the struggles that the Tarheels suffered at quarterback. If Williams saw three quality passes thrown his way, he would be lucky. As a result, early target adjustment needed to occur. Away from the body, Williams gives the quarterback a vast throwing window to find him. More importantly, he will fight, tooth and nail with a defensive back for the ball. Whether battling through holds or interference, he competes for the football.


Williams uses a free, easy motion to get downfield. If he gets even with a defender, throw the ball. Furthermore, he gets to speed, in a hurry, no build-up striding. Where Williams excels is the middle of the stride. Granted, his first step immediately sets the tone. Yet, he will gain separation before the first cut.

Route Running

After nine games as a redshirt freshman, Williams started the development of running better patterns. During some games, corners would play off, opening their hips before the snap. Meanwhile, Williams will sell the out, in order to get the defender to overcommit. Once that happens, watch for the inside route to be open.

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Despite being a muscled wideout, Williams can use hip shift and lean to cut across the field. In return, the defender will need to adjust the pursuit. In that case, the yards begin to add up. While not exceptionally twitchy, Williams brings just enough to give corners fits.


As mentioned, North Carolina struggled during Williams’ career. When he could have folded, he competed. Look no further than his blocking. On called running plays, watch for the sturdy base, quick feet, and the ability to maintain.

Raiders Fit

In reality, the Raiders could draft a wideout in the first, pair him with a Jordy Nelson, and still draft Williams on Day 3. With Williams, Derek Carr would see an ever-evolving wideout that could easily climb the depth chart. Now, Williams profiles as a third. However, with reps with an accurate quarterback, he will prosper. In the AFC West, the Raiders need more than just two wideouts to thrive. Moreover, in Jon Gruden’s offense, Carr spreads the ball around. In addition, Seth Roberts reached his ceiling and does not appear to have a role within the future of this offense. Williams gives Oakland an explosive option.


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