The Titans came out of the gates fast in their first 4 games, starting 3-1. However, the next quarter of the season ended up possibly costing the Titans a playoff spot. They lost three straight before their bye week before saving their season against the Cowboys. Tennessee’s season may have been dropped in that three game losing streak.

Week 5 at Buffalo Bills

This game may haunt Titans fans for a while. They were coming off of a big win over the Eagles and were looking to continue to lead the division. However, the Bills had different plans. Josh Allen scrambled in for a touchdown on the first drive of the game. That would be the only touchdown of the game. The Titans only put up four field goals, while the Bills put up two, winning the game 13-12.

The moment that Titans fans remember most is Nick Williams dropping a wide open touchdown from Marcus Mariota. Had he caught it, the Titans would have most likely won the game. Williams was cut the following week and quite possibly cost the Titans a second consecutive playoff berth.

Week 6 vs Baltimore Ravens

I think most Titans fans would like to forget about this game. Tennessee only lost two games at home this year, this was one of them. Nothing worked on offense as Marcus Mariota was sacked 11 times, a franchise record. The defense didn’t do much better, giving up three touchdowns and the Titans fell 21-0.

This was the first time the Titans had been shut out in Nissan Stadium since moving there. It was an embarrassing moment for the Titans, but may have been a wake-up call because they seemed to pick it up starting in the next game against the Chargers.

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Week 7 at Los Angeles Chargers (London)

This is one that Mike Vrabel has to look back on and think he let it slip away. The Chargers were one of the best teams in the league this year and the Titans dominated them the entire game. Two blown coverages cost the Titans 14 points on the first drive of each respective half. Then, two dropped passes cost Tennessee a chance at points late in the game.

The Titans trailed by seven late in the game and drove down the field and scored on fourth down and goal. Mike Vrabel called for the offense to stay on the field. The first attempt was an incomplete pass, but a defensive holding call kept the Titans alive. The second attempt was tipped at the line of scrimmage and fell incomplete as well. That decision to go for two may have cost the Titans a tenth win, but no one knows what would have happened in overtime.

Week 9 at Dallas Cowboys

The Titans looked like they were going to lose their fourth straight game early on Monday Night Football. Marcus Mariota and Dion Lewis fumbles had Dallas up 7-0 and inside the ten-yard line. Dak Prescott lofted a pass to the back corner of the end zone and Kevin Byard intercepted it. After that play, the Titans dominated the rest of the game.

Tennessee won this game 28-14 and rose back to .500 on the season. It looked like the Titans may have saved their season with the win as they went back home to face the formidable New England Patriots.

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