2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Easton Stick

Position: QB

School: North Dakota State University

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 222 pounds

Round Projection: Day 2

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Pocket Presence

With Stick predominantly under center, this affords him the opportunity to scan the field better. However, when the pocket collapses, he shows no signs of happy feet. If his preferred throw is a deeper pass, Stick does not flinch. He will step into the throw and absorb the hit. In addition, Stick climbs the ladder, allowing the wide rush to slide by. Like most quarterbacks, the delayed blitz will catch him a bit off-guard, but if he sees it once, the pattern is noticed immediately.

Reading Defenses

During his time in Fargo, Stick developed the ability to overcome bad habits. That is to say, the urge to deliver the big play, regardless of defense. Instead, he pauses less on throws and delivers the ball in a hurry. Over the years, that also evolved from a weakness to an emerging trait.


With Stick, the ball travels from hip to ear, quickly. Meanwhile, he will not shortarm, in the face of pressure. Additionally, Stick began to repeat his motion cleanly.

Arm Strength

Like a receiver with a deep route tree, Stick possesses the ability to easily make every single throw on the field. Whether the play occurs on the sidelines or across the middle, he will fit the ball in. As a result, defenses cannot camp on short passes or play any


Within the construct of the NDSU offense, they featured Stick on draws and sprintouts. He possessing a decent second gear and enough wiggle to turn not only get the first down but gash defenses.


Despite completing only 61 percent of his throws, Stick developed better completions. When he started in Fargo, the passes did not always hit his receivers in stride. However, by the time he finished, Stick raised his yards per attempt to just under nine yards per attempt. At the next level, Stick will need to work on his ball placement, in order to allow his receivers to run after the catch.

Raiders Fit

For every 2019 Raiders draft profile of a quarterback, know that Derek Carr is the starter. Chances remain the team will not trade him, this year. However, who sits behind Carr? McCarron? Peterman? Two quarterbacks that maxed out any development. On the other hand, Stick presents Gruden with a challenge. He is a gifted athlete with arm strength, toughness, and a winner’s mentality. In his time in Fargo, Stick lead his team to three national championships. Jon Gruden values toughness and battlers. The Raiders could look at Stick on Day 3.

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