2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Bruce Anderson

Position: RB

School: North Dakota State University

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 209 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3


Run Style

In watching Anderson, the first thing that pops is his hand. When he’s running inside, he uses his off hand as a guide. Placed on the back of his blocker, Anderson will bounce away from the blocker. That shows uncanny patience with the play. To find a runner that will read the blocker so well is a rarity, in the age of the highlight reel play. Additionally, Anderson finished with power. While he navigates around tacklers, he will drive the shoulder on any would-be tackler.


Granted, various plays of Anderson steamrolling opponents exist, yet do not underrate his quickness. Besides attacking the hole with power, Anderson changes the target for defenders. That is to say, when in the open field, he will force an ole tackle or two by bunching moves. Whether it is a jump cut into a stutter stop, isolated tacklers never know what quite to expect.


Anderson possesses adequate, not spectacular speed. However, he does use patience and timely acceleration. By judiciously picking his spots to turn on the jets, that patience creates separation. Additionally, Anderson’s two kickoff returns for scores underrate his ability to use his burst appropriately.

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With all due respect, to other backs that just grab the dump offs, Anderson brings more ability. On the wheel route, he shows timing and the coordination to not rush the approach. If he can be singled on the outside versus a linebacker, he will win down the sideline. As a result,           Anderson gives teams the ability to use him as a three down back. Seven touchdowns and a 14 ypc average bear witness to this trait.


Whether facing down a blitzer or reading his blocks, Anderson faces them with the same approach. He shows no qualms about flattening a defender. Granted, he does not wantonly seek contact, but he will not shy away from it.

Raiders Fit

In reality, the Raiders still have no immediate plan for their running game. Adding Anderson gives Oakland the chance to clear up a cluttered situation. He brings versatility and a knack for the big play. If you pair him with Chris Warren and Doug Martin, Jon Gruden finally assembles his perfect backfield. Three bruisers that get north south and will grind out the tough yards, if need be. Before the combine, Anderson projects as a late Day 2, early Day 3 back.

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