The Baseball Hall Of Fame has announced its class of 2019. Joining Harold Baines and Lee Smith, the Veterans Commitee inductees, are Edgar Martinez, Mariano Rivera, and Roy Halladay.

Martinez, perhaps the greatest designated hitter of all time, gets in on his 10th year of eligibility, with 85.4% of the vote. Martinez received a massive boost from the people of Twitter pulling for his case, and in his last possible year, he finally gets the call. Martinez played his entire career in Seattle, so he will be wearing a Mariners cap into Cooperstown, only the second player ever to do so (Ken Griffey, Jr.).

Mariano Rivera was the first ever unanimous inductee to Cooperstown, getting 100% of votes. Rivera has the Major League saves record, and is widely considered to be the greatest relief pitcher of all time. His cutter is renowned as one of the best pitches ever, and was a big part of the Yankees winning five World Championships. He will join a long list of Yankee caps in Cooperstown.

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Roy Halladay gets the nod as a posthumous inductee. Halladay started his career north of the border, before joining the Phillies in 2010. Halladay never won the World Series, but he does have Postseason history, as he is one of only two players to ever throw a no-hitter in the postseason, which he did in Philadelphia. Halladay stated that he would like to wear a Jays cap into the hall, the second player to do so (Roberto Alomar).

Mike Mussina, the long-time knuckleballer, also got inducted. Mussina has been the talk of many writers for a long time, and finally does get the call into the Hall Of Fame. Mussina split his big league time between the Orioles and Yankees, so it’s unclear which cap he will wear in Cooperstown.

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