Raiders 2019 Draft Prospect: DE Montez Sweat

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect DE Montez Sweat

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Montez Sweat

Position: Defensive End

School: Mississippi State University

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 252 pounds

Round Projection: Day 1


Pass Rush

From the first snap, Sweat unleashes a wide array of moves that always finds him getting to the quarterback. Above all, he possesses the ability to win with speed. Yet, unlike most of his brethren, Sweat does not solely rely on that one lone move. Next, the emerging swim should win him a fair share of one-on-ones. Due to a seven-foot wingspan, Sweat can quickly get the arm over and breeze by a blocker. In addition, throw in a push/pull, where Sweat will get the lineman leaning, and then he will counter with a step across the body. By now, the blocker committed to either leaning inside or hanging on his back foot.

Run Stuffing

With added bulk, this immediately improved. However, Sweat shows the desire to throw himself into traffic to stop the run. Whether funneling down or knifing inside, beating blocker with quickness.


If you are talking ten-yard bursts, or cross field, Sweat possesses hellacious explosion that brings him right into the action. With closing speed, he rarely arrives late to the ball, whether it is the passer or a back, Sweat flies around the line of scrimmage. Off the snap, Sweat will win with the first step.

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If there is a need for improve, this trait needs immediate work. Du to his frame, Sweat becomes a target for more power blocking than anything else. Before the Senior Bowl, Sweat checked in at 242 pounds. As of this writing, he weighed in at 252 pounds at the Senior Bowl. If he can add ten pounds, that will help his hands, as far as heaviness.


Despite being an undersized rusher, weight wise, Sweat does posses the tools to make efficient stops. Additionally, added strength with bring a gravity to the stops. In return, the ability to force fumbles will increase.

Raiders Fit

Granted, people will raise their eyebrows that the Raiders would draft another undersized edge rushers. With Arden Key in tow, why draft Sweat? First, Sweat is more advanced as a pass rusher. He brings a diverse repertoire to the field, while Key still features the lone spin move. Moreover, with added size, Sweat profiles as a full-time defensive end, while Key appears to have situational pass rusher. If the Raiders slot both in on third downs, imagine the speed off the edge. In turn, the passer would rush and either suffer a sack or possibly throw an interception. At the end of the first round, Sweat makes complete sense, if the Raiders do not go edge rusher at the fourth overall pick.


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