What I Want to See From The AAF


The NFL has been the only popular professional football league in America for years now. However, the AAF, along with the XFL, is getting a lot of attention heading into its inaugural season. It will give the football fans a few more weeks of entertainment in the offseason and should be an interesting experiment. I hope that the AAF can develop to be a feeder league for the NFL while also giving fans something to cheer for in the long offseason.

Development of Talent

The AAF is expected to feed talent into the NFL. Whether that is older players getting another chance or younger players proving themselves on a professional level. Seeing these players on a national stage will develop relationships between them and the fanbases. It will be interesting to see how many players and/or coaches are able to perform in the AAF and get a chance in the big leagues. All of the other major professional leagues in America have a “minor-league.” The NFL may have found theirs in the AAF. I want to see players become stars in the AAF and force the front offices at the next level to look at them. The chance of these players making an impact in the NFL will also give fans another reason to watch the new league.

Competitive Games

Although this is a development league, I hope to see games that will draw my attention in. A rotation of players, similar to an NFL preseason game, would lose my interest somewhat quickly. I want to see the best this league has to offer playing every weekend. America loves football. Even if this isn’t the level of talent that fans see at the NFL level, good, competitive football will draw the attention of everyone. Obviously this isn’t the destination that many of these players hoped for, but this is still professional football. I want to see drama and playoff races like we would in the NFL. This league doesn’t have to compete with the NFL or college football. It has a monopoly on football in the winter and early spring. I hope we are able to watch good football in that time.

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Most leagues that try to compete with the NFL fail. The USFL and the XFL both failed. Why will the AAF survive? They need to create intrigue with the league in order to keep it afloat for more than a few seasons. Get people to become a fan of a certain team, have something unique that interests fans, and provide quality football. People want to be connected to a team, so these organizations need to connect with the communities and create a fanbase. These leagues usually don’t last. I hope the AAF does and is able to become a quality feeder league to the NFL.

Football has been missing a quality developmental league and the AAF can be that. However, money is necessary to keep leagues from going under. Money will only come if fans are interested. The AAF doesn’t need a gimmick, but they need to keep football fans from turning off the TV. The league has already said they plan to limit commercials and provide quicker games. This should help, but the best way to keep fans interested is competitive games and seasons.

I want to see the AAF succeed because I miss football after the Super Bowl. I want to watch this league in the winter and spring. However, it has to prove itself in this inaugural season. The AAF has an opportunity to become a minor league NFL, which would be great for football and the development of young athletes.


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