2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Dax Raymond

Position: Tight End

School: Utah State University

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 250 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 2



When lined up .tight to the line, Raymond uses above-average technique. First, he jumps from the snap beats the defensive end out of their stances. As a result, he gets that advantage of putting hands on the defender early. From there, he locks on a solid steer and fights to the whistle. On the other hand, blocking in space looks to be a strength for Raymond. He gets to the perimeter, sealing the linebacker, creating a hole for a big running play. In essence, Raymond’s ability to get to the perimeter stands out in this aspect.


As a blocker, Raymond shows dexterity. However, he is not the twitchiest. Yet, what tight ends, all –around ones are shifty? In the passing game, Raymond’s nimbleness helps create separation.


At the next level, Raymond will immediately become a trusted receiver, due to his hands. With this is mind, he gives the quarterback a myriad of windows to throw into. From back shoulder, or away from his body, Raymond will make the efficient stab.


Utah State flexed Raymond into the slot to take advantage of his ability to beat his man. Next, with the ball, he shows the acceleration to leave the defender. If you want pure foot speed, Raymond, when singled against a linebacker, depending on route, should emerge victorious. With little wasted motion, he makes himself a thread.


Despite pedestrian stats, due to an abundance of talent on the team, Raymond still performed admirably. In the run game, where ten players ran the ball at least a dozen times, Raymond adjusted by attacking the defender’s chest. Meanwhile, serving as the fourth option meant fewer targets. Yet, Raymond executed when the team called his number.

Raiders Fit

With Jared Cook in line for a healthy payday, the Raiders need an upgrade at tight end. If they do bring back Cook, Raymond could still serve as his apprentice. While not quite the receiver Cook is, Raymond’s ceiling, with excellent coaching and improvement could nearly reach that, in time. Moreover, he is a much better receiver that either Lee Smith or Derek Carrier. The Raiders could take a chance on Raymond on the third day of the draft. In reality, with ten picks, spending a mid rounder on a potential future starter looks like the smart move.

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