Quarterback is a need that needs to be addressed.  But, is a high-priced average player really the way to go?

With JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reporting that the Washington Redskins do not expect Quarterback Alex Smith to play in 2019, speculation has been cranked up to an 11 on who will start for the burgundy and gold.  It has been rumored as of late that the Redskins are potential trade suitors for Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  I just do not see that.  Here are three reasons why:

Cap space

While the Redskins are not in as dire cap straights as the Philadelphia Eagles, there are going to be too many holes to fill on the roster to have two quarterbacks that make significant money.  As mentioned before, Alex Smith will be out for 2019 and his salary for the season will be acting like dead cap money.  There are pieces that the Redskins front office can use to build around their already impressive young defense and make it more sustainable for an entire 16 game schedule.  Would you want the Redskins to miss out on the likes of Jordan Hicks or Eric Reid, because they over spent on a quarterback?  Probably not.  And with Bruce Allen’s track record of looking for bargain basement deals, it is unlikely he’ll want to waste the space too.

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Spending the Draft Picks Unnecessarily

The Redskins have done a nice job of coveting their draft picks and not wasting them like in the early 00’s.  The past two drafts have proven to be what this team has needed.  They were depleted in depth and used their late round draft picks to find serviceable players and a potential starter or two.  Trading away multiple picks, that would all but likely include a first or second rounder, would go against everything that has been built up until now.  The draft is where you win championships and also where you can lose out on them by not participating.

Similar or better options in free agency and the draft

Ryan Tannehill has proven to be a mediocre quarterback at best.  While the Redskins currently only have one starting player, Colt McCoy, signed for 2019.  There is not guarantee that McCoy would not play better than Tannehill.  So, there’s veteran option number one.  Veteran option number two comes in with Teddy Bridgewater.  He will most likely become available off the Saints roster and might command a smaller cap hit than Tannehill.  Another option is to bring Josh Johnson back for another year in the system and see what he can do.  There is also the likes of Brett Rypien and Tyree Jackson that the Redskins can draft in the 3rd round.  Both rookies would come cheap and allow for the front office to build around their strengths.

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