Offensive tackle is a position that needs a major upgrade for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tytus Howard could be the solution.

Howard played right tackle at Alabama State, a lesser powerhouse school in todays college footbal. However, versatility is something that he prides himself in as he has changed positions multiple times since high school.

“I feel like my background as a tight end and a quarterback, you know, helps me out a lot.”, said Howard. He continued by saying, “… I am more athletic than your typical offensive lineman so I feel like I’ll be able to do stuff and do some blocks that some people won’t be able to do or that some people will struggle with.”

Howard’s athleticism has scouts drooling over his potential as a NFL prospect. The position changes came “naturally” for Howard, as his physical style of play translated well to offensive line.

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His versatility will also help his draft stock continue to rise as April gets closer. He mentioned that he planned to take reps at both left and right tackle in practice during Senior Bowl week. Howard played both positions in his senior season because coaches wanted him to be a “blindside protector”. Howard began the season at right tackle because the quarterback was left handed. When the team changed to a right handed quarterback, Howard transitioned to left side.

Either way, the former Alabama State Hornet would be a valuable addition to Tampa as Donovan Smith enters free agency. Demar Dotson could be a mentor for Howard if the Buccaneers determine that right tackle is the best position for him.

During 2017, Howard led the Hornets in pancake blocks and allowed only one sack all season. Coaches at Alabama State trusted him enough to give the power to override the center and change the protection calls. Playing quarterback in high school also helps him read defenses at the line of scrimmage. This could be even more beneficial when making the transition from small school prospect to the NFL.

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