2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Clifton Duck

School: Appalachian State University

Position: Cornerback

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 3



If you pore over Duck’s film, you see a corner with speed to burn. That is to say that he will gamble because his burst will compensate for any mistake that he could make. Yet, he uses this trait wisely. With Duck, there’s an internal alarm that knows the route is short and he drives on the ball. As a result, he has won those battles on the underneath play, just as much as the vertical ones.


During his career in Boone, Duck played a great deal of off coverage. Yet, when called upon to get in the receiver’s space, he never backed down. Despite his frame, Duck does not show any hesitation with mixing it up with a wideout, regardless of size or stature. He fights for every inch of those yards. With the ball in the air, Duck positions himself in prime playmaking position. After two stellar years, teams decided to throw completely away from his side and chose to attack the other side of the field. At the next level, the ability to stay with receivers will translate.

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As a punt returner, Duck scored a touchdown and averaged 10.5 yards per carry. More importantly, as a corner, especially one that can operate the slot, Duck carries with him the ability to not false step during quick breaking routes.

Ball Skills

In three years at ASU, Duck grabbed twelve picks and knocked away nineteen passes. Regardless of route, down or distance, if the ball is aloft, Duck feels like the ball is his. He takes sharp route to the ball, undercutting the wideout. Alternatively, he will run the route before the receiver starts his break. You can teach technique, but you cannot teach timing and the ability to close out a play.


As mentioned, Duck, at 175 pounds will give away size to many opponents. Yet, he does not surrender when making a tackle. Additionally, he will not wait for the rest of his team and he will secure the stop himself. Duck accumulated twice as many solo tackles than assist. That signifies someone that shows no issue with asserting his will. With strong hands and a quick snap, the play stops.

Raiders Fit

In reality, the Raiders need a ballhawk or two down the depth chart. DB Coach Derrick Ansley stressed during the Senior Bowl that he prefers players that can step in and contribute. Forget burst or potential, Ansley and the Raiders lack a slot corner that can stay with speedy wideouts and will secure an interception or batted ball. In Duck, they have the chance to draft a player in the middle rounds that will give the unit depth, talent and a knack for making the big play.

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