The Rams’ offense has been one of the most explosive in recent history. With Sean McVay at the helm, Los Angeles has erupted into a creative and productive offensive team after so many years of mediocrity. Jared Goff has emerged as a franchise quarterback, Todd Gurley is a star in the backfield, and they have weapons to spare on the outside. However, can they come up with the right game plan to knock off the Patriots dynasty in Super Bowl LIII? This is what they’ll have to do if they want to put points on the board.

Establish the Run Early

The Rams have found a two-headed monster in the backfield with Gurley and free agent addition C.J. Anderson. The Patriots have been suspect defending the run all season, allowing the fourth most yards per attempt in the league. Gurley and Anderson have both shown the ability to make plays in the run game and they will have to force the Patriots to load the box. This will open up plays downfield and increase the effectiveness of play action. McVay’s offense is built on play action to give Goff easier throws over the middle and deep downfield. Making this game as easy for Goff as possible has to be the priority. Running the ball and wearing down the defense will be the best way to achieve that goal.

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Protect Jared Goff

The Patriots don’t have many elite pass rushers or anybody who is going to draw double-teams consistently. However, New England has been blitzing more often on third-downs and using stunts to get to quarterbacks in the postseason. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was sacked only twice, but was pressured consistently. Patrick Mahomes was sacked four times last week in the AFC Championship. Bill Belichick and Brian Flores will surely be dialing up the blitz against young Jared Goff all game long. The offensive line stepping up and giving him time to throw, especially on third down, will be crucial for Los Angeles. If Goff is rattled early, the Patriots may run away with this one.

Take Care of the Ball

The last two Super Bowls the Patriots won featured two crucial turnovers in the fourth quarter. In Super Bowl LI, Matt Ryan fumbled in his own territory during the 28-3 Patriots comeback. Then, obviously, in Super Bowl XLIX, Russell Wilson was intercepted by Malcolm Butler at the goal line which clinched the game. The Patriots are too well-coached to make a lot of mistakes in the Super Bowl. They also have a lot more Super Bowl experience on their roster. Therefore, the Rams will not have much room for error.

Jared Goff will need to make good decisions throwing the ball, especially late in the game. The Patriots defense has played much better in the postseason and will be looking to force Goff to make the back-breaking error. He can’t let that happen. If the Rams want to win, turnovers can not be part of the equation because Tom Brady will take advantage of them.

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