2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Deandre Baker

Position: CB

School: The University of Georgia

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 185 pounds

Round Projection: Day 2



Regardless of receiver, Baker will stay with them. From the quick slant to the double move, he will stay in your hip pocket all the way down the field. More importantly, Baker will get vertical with relative ease. His strides are equal parts easy and explosive. He will drive to underneath a route and expect to make that play. Moreover, when he does make the pick, he will quickly flip the field, turning defense into immediate offense. Not to mention, Baker serves as an excellent blitzer from the corner. By the time the quarterback drops back, Baker is already on him.


If evaluating Baker, notice that he does not need much help over that top. Baker plays with equal parts instinct, timing, vision, and aggression. While at Georgia, he did play off, but do not minimize his ability to get a hand on a receiver at the line, if needed. While off, Baker will open his hips to whichever side the wideout appears to lean towards. Additionally, with the ball in the air, Baker will fight for the ball, whether knocking it down or making the pick. In some cases, he will wrench the ball completely out of the wideout’s hands and securing the interception.

Ball Skills

In the air, Baker possesses the confidence in knowing that he can make the play. In contrast, he also knows that officials love throwing the flag, so he meters out his physicality with a receiver. Baker uses long arms and quick hands to dislodge the ball. From placing his hands between the wideout’s hands or reach across the body to smack the ball away.


Although Baker is rather long-limbed, he will use deceptive pop, power, and ability to make the solo tackle. Baker will not wait for the swarm. Instead, he will drive through the target. His approach is fearless. Whether it’s a small receiver or a back, the approach remains the absolute same.

Raiders Fit

On one side, the Raiders enjoy Gareon Conley, a young playmaker with a very high ceiling. On the other side, an open space. Insert Baker as the other starter. With Hill, Allen, Williams, Watkins, Sutton, and Sanders in the division, the Raiders need more than a spot starter. In Baker, they will finally have two above average starting cornerbacks.

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