Hakeem Butler

WR-Iowa State

HT- 6’6”
WT- 225 lbs
DOB- ??/??/????
Year- RS Junior
Recruit- 2 Star
Grade- 86
NFL Comp- Julio Jones
Games Scouted- Vs Oklahoma (2018), Vs West Virginia (2018), Vs Kansas State (2018)
Injury History- None (+1).


SAN ANTONIO, TX – DECEMBER 28: Iowa State Cyclones wide receiver Hakeem Butler (18) reaches out for a catch during the Alamo Bowl between the Washington State Cougars and Iowa State Cyclones on December 28, 2018 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Catching: Butler has a nice pair of hands. Makes circus catches look easy. Length allows his catch radius to be tremendous. Struggles to consistently catch the gimmes. Struggles with drops. 19/28.

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Route Running: Good route runner in general. Has a good release because of the technique he uses to get around players when pressed. Not tight with his cuts, should work on being more consistent. 15/18.

Size/Speed: Excellent size and good speed. Lacks the acceleration. Takes a few steps to get up to full speed. Size is incredible. Uses his size to his advantage often. 17/18.

Physicality: Extremely physical after the catch, should really use his physicality better before. Tough to bring down in the open field, fights for yards. 11/12.

Body Control: Excellent body control. Knows where his feet are at all times. Shows NFL type body control, usually gets both feet down. Very fluid while running with the football. 9/10.

Blocking: Inconsistent as a blocker. Sometimes he will obliterate a defensive back, other times he will whiff and miss him completely. When he gets his hands on someone, he can lock down a perimeter. 6/8.

Leadership/Attitude: Good attitude. Not a leader which is fine, but forgets about his drops (sometimes too much). ⅚.

Overall: Hakeem Butler has massive upside to be a very talented receiver. Provided that he can improve his route running and size up on some of his drop issues, Butler could potentially grow into a top #1 receiver talent. 82/100.

Personality Assessment:

Super likable guy. Mature. Presents himself very well. No off of the field red flags. Shouldn’t have any issues in an NFL locker room. (+3).


Career: 34 Games, 110 Rec, 2149 Yds, 19.5 Avg, 18 TDs.

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