2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Diontae Johnson

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Toledo

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 185 pounds

Draft Projection: Day 2



Despite a smaller catch radius, Johnson uses it to his advantage. That is to say, he will lie out, jump into the teeth of the defense, in order to expand the throwing window. Once he does make the grab, he brings the ball in with a sharp grab and quick secure. Meanwhile, he accomplishes this without breaking stride, which is key to gaining yards after catch.


Whether outside or in the slot (his probable NFL spot), Johnson gets to full bore in a hurry. With no wasted motion or false steps, he displays the ability to streak by the defender. In addition to his 24 receiving touchdowns, he also added four return scores, two each on kickoffs and punts. If Johnson gets to even the slimmest crack of daylight, look for him to go the distance. Alternatively, at the very least carve out a large swath of chunk yardage.

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Route Running

Granted, Johnson’s speed should help him at the next level. Yet, if there is a minor critique, he needs to slightly sharpen a few of his route. While easily fixed, this action will help Johnson immeasurably at the next level.


With many slot receiver/returners possessing the “quicker than fast” tag, Johnson features both. In regards to nimbleness, his feet show the capability of stopping and starting in the blink of an eye, without hesitation. During his routes, Johnson keeps corners guessing, not knowing the evolution of the routes and breaks.


If you strip away and watch film alone, watch Johnson’s mannerisms. Regardless of his size, he fought for reps. At Toledo, they featured other receivers. Yet, he ran every route like it was his last.

Raiders Fit

In essence, the Raiders need a slot receiver and kick returner. Granted, Dwayne Harris can field punts, but Johnson could take kickoff duties. In the offense, Johnson will win on option routes, crossers and turn underneath patterns into big plays. Derek Carr needs a third wideout that can produce. Seth Roberts looks to have reached his ceiling and his contract may appear a bit inflated considering his production.

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