Daniel Jones


HT- 6’5” WT- 220 lbs
DOB- 5/27/1997
Year- RS Junior
Recruit- 2 Star
Grade- 63
NFL Comp- Derek Carr
Games Scouted- Vs Northwestern (2018), Vs Clemson (2018), Vs Temple (2018)
Injury History- Rib (2017), Collarbone (2018), Ankle (2018). (-3)
Accolades- Duke Team MVP (2017-18).


DURHAM, NC – NOVEMBER 10: Duke Blue Devils quarterback Daniel Jones (17) during the college football game between North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils on November 10, 2018, at Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, NC. (Photo by Michael Berg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Arm Talent: Arm talent is among the top in this class. Excellent touch, especially on deep balls. Struggles to know when to use touch and when to fire a ball into traffic. Velocity is there when he puts the heat on it. 14/20.

Accuracy/Placement: Accuracy is spotty, but placement is generally solid. Struggles to be consistent with his accuracy, will overthrow and underthrow receivers a lot. Usually right on a line with them though. Might have a depth perception issue. 13/18.

Field Vision: Doesn’t work through reads very well. Misses open receivers often. Stares down receivers very often. Relies too much on pre-snap reads to make a throw. 6/15.

Release: Release is good, not great. Can throw on the run well and doesn’t have to plant. Arm movement is what holds up the timing of the release. 11/15.

Pocket Movement: Doesn’t move too well in the pocket. Struggles to know where defenders are, doesn’t feel the pocket well. When he feels flushed, he bails and the eyes come off the downfield action. 3/12.

Mobility: Very mobile, especially for someone who is 6’5”. Can run a zone read effectively. Not a fluid runner, looks very clunky, but effective when the opportunity presents itself. 7/10.

Leadership/Attitude: Clear leader of the team. Leads by example, seems passionate about the game as well. Very tough guy, played the bowl game on a bum ankle and came back almost immediately after breaking his collarbone. 9/10.

Overall: Daniel Jones is one tough SOB, but he’s clearly not the best player entering this draft class. Having almost no upside is an issue that is worrisome. 63/100.

Personality Assessment: Teammates rave about his character. Shows maturity with the media and clear leadership and passion on the field. Shouldn’t deal with any issues off of the field. (+3).

Stats: Career: 36 Games, 1275 Att, 764 Comp, 59.9 Comp%, 8201 Yds, 6.4 YPA, 52 TDs, 29 INTs, 122.9 Eff Rating.

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